Olivia Vinall – Everything We Know About The Star

Olivia Vinall

You may not think anything of it, perhaps because you do not see literature the way we do. Olivia Vinall featured in two works of Shakespeare, Othello and Romeo and Juliet, in theatres, despite English not being her first language this stuck in our consciousness. We see art with this kind of eye.

While we may not agree on the way we see art, we could agree that Olivia Vinall is an interesting figure. Here is everything we know about the star which you, also, need to know.

Age, upbringing, and education

Olivia Vinall was born on the 20th day of May 1971 in Brussels, Belgium, and will later move on to Washington DC, United States of America for her education.  She spent most of her early life in Brussels up to the time she earned her high school education. She moved to Washington DC with her family when her diplomat father was posted there. Her mother was a teacher then.

With the quest to be an outstanding entertainer right from her childhood days, Olivia overcame many hurdles to become the evergreen American actress that she is today. She made many efforts to be outstanding in what she loved doing.

She is Belgian-American and of white ethnicity.

Olivia Vinall is forty years old.

For university, Olivia went back to Europe and enrolled at the University of East Anglia (UEA) in Norwich, England, and came out with a First Class BA (Hons) Degree in Drama due to her dedication and talents. She proceeded to Drama Studio London for a post-graduate experience. She is also an alumna of the National Student Drama Festival (NSDF) where she has also performed there.

Movies, TV Shows And Roles

In 2013, she played the role of Desdemona in Shakespeare’s “Othello, playing the role of a woman who loved a foreign general Othello and became the center and victim of politics and envy. She also starred as “Cordelia” in Sam Mendes’ King Lear at the Royal National Theatre and has many other stage work to her name to this day.

Vinall’s first professional television was when she played the character of Cassie Lock in the episode Cupcakes in “Doctors” in 2013.

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One of her most popular roles was the role she played in the film, “Where Hands Touch”, where she acted as Hermine a Jewish in Nazist Germany. She played this alongside other superstars like Abbie Cornish and Christopher Eccleston (A two-time BAFTA award nominee). The movie, a romantic war drama was written and directed by Amma Asante.

Vinall also took a lead role, playing the character of Sophie in Hermione Sylvester’s directed short Film named “Fuel” which had its international premiere at the 2020 Arrow London Frightfest Film festival.

Popularly called Woman In White in the movie, Vinall played the role of a lady appearing as a ghost in white (as presumed by the young drawing teacher). Ben Hardy who starred as Walter Hartright offers to help her only to discover that she had escaped from a lunatic asylum.

This movie, “Fuel” went on to win three awards out of six nominations in 1998. The awards include BAFTA awards for Best Photography and Lighting (Fiction/entertainment), BAFTA TV award for Best Design, and finally The Royal Television Society UK award for best photography, camera, and lighting. It wasn’t just about the show, actors were recognized.

Olivia got nominated as one of Screen international’s Stars of Tomorrow.

Other movies she featured in include “Queens of Mystery”, “Apple Tree Yard,” and a couple of other movie appearances.

Net Worth, body stats, and other facts

Olivia Vinall is paving way for herself in the movie industry and with time, she is already forty (she still has time whatever you think), and can still be the star she has the talents to be. Her net worth is currently estimated at a fortune of six hundred thousand dollars which is not an earthshaking sum but which can serve.

On the personal life secret, she is reportedly single as she has never admitted to being in a relationship and we are yet to catch her with anyone.

Her hobbies include reading, photography, internet surfing, and traveling.

Olivia is nonvegetarian.

Image source: Popsugar