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Olivia Trujillo

If you are asked to pick and know about and follow the progress of one blossoming actress who would turn out to be massive, Olivia Trujillo should be your pick. And if you really need to get more information about her on your hands than you already have, then you have not set your foot in the wrong place. Here’s everything we know about her

Age, upbringing, and ethnicity

Olivia Trujillo was born on the 4th day of October 2004 in the United States to Latin American parents. Due to her passion for acting, she began acting at a very tender age and made her first professional appearance at the age of 9. Since then, she has never looked back or set a foot wrong in the pursuit of her career.

Olivia Trujillo is unique as she is bilingual and of multi-ethnicity. Olivia being a Latin American has roots in Europe and Mexico. This has given her somewhat of an edge in the movie industry where it could have been a demerit and has, indeed been for many in her stead.

Her father is of Mexican and Spanish origin with roots in Guadalajara and Iberian Peninsula while her mother is of English, Portuguese and Irish roots.

Spanish is her first language. While we do not know much about her, we are aware that Olivia Trujillo has a younger sister that was in the entertainment industry before her but didn’t continue.

Olivia Trujillo is sixteen years old.

Movies and TV Shows

Her multi-ethnicity has provided her with varied roles and opportunities within the movie industry as she could take on a couple of roles without any language or cultural barriers. She could easily play Spanish, Portuguese, Latina, Italian, biracial, etc. Olivia Trujillo’s love for acting has been growing ever since she was a kid, through her 8th year and above. She began her acting career with National Commercials. After filming over twenty-five national commercials, she didn’t just stop there.

At her young age, her desire to keep pushing saw her get more roles.

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Her dream from childhood was to feature in Television series and many films and that has since become a reality as she continues to break barriers. Olivia has continued to set the bar high in the movie industry regardless of her age. She has featured in movies and TV shows such as, “For all Mankind” (2019), “The Toy Box” (2017), “Wind In The night” (2018), “Victor and Valentino” (2019), “Drunk History” (2019) and many other movies.

Personal life

Not much of her personal life is well known as she has been trying to keep a lot about her secret as she is still a teenager, but as a public figure, we will try to pick out a few about her.

She is currently not married or in any relationship. At least, not any that the press or the blogs or we know about. She has a massive fan base with tens of thousands of followers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and when she finally makes her romantic move, it would be something to cheer among her fandom – not counting the couple of hearts that would be broken by this.

Net worth other facts

For a girl so young, Olivia’s net worth is giddy. She is estimated to be worth 2 million dollars. This is rather difficult to believe as her source of income is put as just acting. But even if she is worth just half of this, it is still a big deal. In fact, even if her actual income is a fourth of this figure, she’s all good. If we go all conservative and peg her net worth at one-eighth of this or, even, one-tenth of this, she should be the richest teenager in her circle and various other circles put together.

In a couple of years’ time, we daresay that Olivia Trujillo would be truly worth seven figures and positioned to be knocking hard at the eighth.

Olivia is 5 feet and 4 inches or 1.62 meters tall and still growing.

She weighs 70kg or 154 lbs.

Chantel Trujillo who featured in a Netflix series named, “Made in Mexico” is Olivia’s cousin from her father’s side as the surname suggests.

Image Source: Olivia Trujillo