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Olivia Black

Olivia Black is one of those actresses who garnered fame and a large fan base with her debut movie. Since her debut, the actress has not escaped media attention and here are all the juicy details about her you should know.

Olivia Black: Age and early life

Olivia Black’s personal details and early life is shrouded in secrecy. But we know she was born in Gabon, Africa in May 1986. What her parents were doing in Gabon as of the time of her birth and other family backstories are not known (yet).

Olivia could have spent her early life being a tap dancer, singing, acting or performing in stage or she was a teenager who dangled on the ropes of survival in order to shatter the Hollywood ceilings. Well, achieving fame or becoming a movie star is not stereotyped. You can come from Jupiter or Mars but having the qualities of a movie star is required and Olivia ticked the box, firmly so.

Olivia Black: Relationship

Love is love and anyone can fall in love with whom they chose to regardless of gender in some parts of the world (and this should be everywhere). As for Olivia, both sides of the bread was buttered when she met her husband Chef Maria Plaza. They genuinely love each other and dated for a long time before deciding to take their relationship a notch higher.

The pair wedded in a private ceremony and has gone ahead to run many businesses together. Olivia and her husband Maria Plaza operate the sex toy online shop called, barenakedmob.com. They also have a YouTube channel named Miss Olivia Black. They are proud supporters of the LGBTQ community that promotes and protects Gay/Lesbian rights in the world.

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Olivia does not consider herself as a lesbian but she admits that she is queer. What is the difference between being queer and a lesbian, Olivia has the answer: “I may consider myself to be Queer and not Lesbian. ‪But I still fight with many other amazing individuals to legitimize and safely be able to love whomever I love. ‪This is not a joke. Do not attack me and attempt to make me look dumb for your ignorance.” What does she mean by the aforementioned statement? She is queer and proud, deal with that.


One opportunity was enough for Olivia to break into Hollywood and it came when she starred in the History Channel hit series “Pawn Stars” alongside Rick Harrison, Jairus Cobb, Jonathan Wyche, Guy Fiorita, Diane Denzer. Olivia drew a large fan base to the movie as many appreciated her talent, however, when the production company of the series found out that she has modeled as a porn star previously, they fired her as they never want to be associated with that side of her.

Speaking after she was fired: “I have always been comfortable with my body and found nude photography as an artistic outlet”. She also produced the show “Hardcore Club Restore”

Olivia Black has a successful modeling career. She has been the promo model for several brands and has performed in the Celebrity Trixi Rocky Horror Burlesque Performance. Furthermore, she is linked with publications including Inked Magazine, Inked Girls, Tabu Tattoo, Enquirer, and Fox News. She was also the Dollies & Doggies Calendar Model and Las Vegas ASPCA Benefit Event Host. Her dismissal from the series “Pawn Stars” turned out to be a blessing in disguise as she has been making a living through adult modeling, a profession she left to become a movie star.

Net worth

Olivia black net worth has earned some decent amount from her many talents. She might not be considered as an A-list actress but she cannot be addressed as a retired actress considering the fact that she was not banned from making films. From her combined professions.

Olivia Blacks’ net worth is estimated to be around $300k dollars. She might not be a millionaire in American dollars but she is a millionaire in other foreign currencies. And with a lucrative adult shop business she runs with her partner, a YouTube channel she devotes her time and modeling career she has taken so serious like her survival depended on it, Olivia Black will never file for bankruptcy.

She is doing good.

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