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Nikki DeLoach

Nikki DeLoach arrived at the door of the show business as a child model and continually banged at the door until it was opened for her to become an actress. Since she kick-started her acting career, she has appeared in highly-rated films and television series. Her personal life is interesting as well. Here is everything about the actress you should know.

Nikki DeLoach: How Old?

Nikki DeLoach is 40 years old. Nikki DeLoach was born Ashlee Nicole DeLoach, on September 9, 1979, in Waycross, Georgia. She is the eldest daughter of David DeLoach, an owner of a woods products company while her mother was the superintendent of the Pierce County School.

Nikki was raised on a farm alongside her siblings LeAnne and Brett. As she picked interest in the entertainment world at an early age, her siblings focused on their own career paths as her brother is now a baseball player. As a child, she first performed at the annual talent show at Pierce County High School in Blackshear, Georgia, won hearts and many awards in pageant shows. She even embarked on a trip with her mother to New York City to pursue modeling jobs during one summer.

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From 1991 to 1994, she was a member of the Georgia 4-H performing-arts group Clovers & Company. Nikki was also a member of The New Mickey Mouse Club (MMC), a group she joined in 1993 along with Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, and Britney Spears. She studied at the University of Maryland, where she earned degrees in English and Psychology.

Nikki continued in the runway until she made her acting debut in 1993.

Nikki DeLoach: Career

Nikki had an amazing time at the All-New Mickey Mouse Club from 1993-1996. When The Mickey Mouse Club was canceled in 1994, she returned to her local high school for a short time before moving with her grandmother to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

She appeared in “Misery Loves Company” as Tracy and also made her motion picture debut in “The Traveler” before she left acting and joined the girl group Innosense. The group was managed by Justin Timberlake’s mother, Lynn Harless. Innosense was an opening act for both NSYNC and Britney Spears and flourished for a while before it crashed.

Nikki then focused on acting completely and appeared on Fox prime-time soap opera “North Shore” Mary Jeanne “MJ” Bevans between 2004 and 2005. Between and 2009, Nikki played the role of Brenda on NBC soap opera “Days of our Lives”. While she was busy making appearances in television series, she did not keep a thin file on motion pictures

She appeared in films like “An American Carol”. “The House Bunny” and “The River Why”. In 2011, she played the role of Jennifer Marshall in the film “Hollywoo”. She returned to TV series and appeared in minor roles mostly, some in one episode of a show.

She appeared in an episode of police procedural crime drama “Criminal Minds” on CBS as Audrey Hansen. Nikki also portrayed the character of Katie Drake in an episode of the sitcom “The Exes”. She played the role of Monica in the action-thriller television series “The Player” on NBC.

She played the character of Charlotte on ABC medical drama series “Grey’s Anatomy”. In 2019, Nikki appeared as Dr. Lizzie Beauman in the television film “Love Takes Flight”. We hope to see her appear in many films in the future.

How much is the star worth?

The net worth of Nikki DeLoach is rather poor considering the length of films and TV films she has appeared, and when you add her singing career to the list of her profession you would ask if her money has been missing.

Many sources place her net worth to be around 1 million dollars, but we are not going to believe this considering that this amount was what was credited to her as of 2017-2018. Nikki has not taken a hiatus from acting since then. We may not know what she worth currently but she is certainly worth more than 1 million dollars.

Marriage, height, and body measurement

For so many years, Nikki dated singer and songwriter JC Chasez a member of boy band *NSYNC with Timberlake. The relationship formed a major part of her career as they mixed work and fun together before they finally broke up.

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In September 2009, she married Ryan Goodell, a member of the boyband Take 5. In 2013, the couple welcomed their first child named William Hudson Goodell. In 2017, their second son was born.

Nikki DeLoach has a height of 5 feet 5 inches or 165 meters. She weighs around 58 kg. She has a body measurement of 34-26-36 inches. Her nickname is Peaches. She is a spokesperson for Girl Talk, which is a peer-to-peer mentoring program. She also teaches acting at the Warner Loughlin Studios in Los Angeles. She is active on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

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