Niece Waidhofer – Age, Career, Full Bio

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Niece Waidhofer

Over the years, we’ve seen different types of American models in various niches who are beautiful to behold but Niece Waidhofer is in a class of her own. She is not just a sight for sore eyes, she’s got a unique style that sets her apart from other kinds of models. The American-born lady is a bikini model, actress, and social media personality where she connects with her fans.

Niece Waidhofe’s age

Ms. Waidhofer was born on the 27th of August 1990. She was born in Houston, Texas. Information dwelling on her background has not been made known to the public. The names of her parents and siblings are not known, where she schooled or what she studied in college is not known cause she didn’t share them with anyone.

She would be 31 years old by August 2021.

Niece Waidhofe’s career

She started her career at an early age and has worked with so many magazines. She has worked with the likes of Model Mayhem and other reputable modeling agencies so far in her career. Being photogenic and having a gorgeous body, she always shares her modeling photographs on Instagram while encouraging ladies to love and embrace their bodies the way it is.

She ventured into acting and had her first appearance in the movie ” Project Aether” in 2011 which was directed by Shawn S. Welling. After three years, she got another role in a movie titled “The Legend Of The Dark Horse Country in 2014 which was also directed by Shawn S. Welling.

She also shared her expectations of winning an Oscar in the future as an actress.

Personal life and controversies

Niece Waidhofer has never made mention of any love interest in her life. It is safe to say she is not involved with anyone at the moment. Given the fact that she talks more about her career than her personal life, it shows she wants that part of her life to be a mystery to the public and focus more on work.

Ms. Waidhofer suffered a backlash on social media when she decided to join the “Roast Me” campaign on Reddit.
Little did she know that there are cyberbullies who will go to any length to say nasty things about her, not minding if they were true or false.

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What she thought would be fun, turned out to be a nightmare as she received hurtful words from total strangers. In a bid to save herself from further humiliation, she had to delete her account on Reddit.

Reddit was also the platform that brought her into the limelight by featuring her on their page. That, and the kind of skimpy pictures she was always showing off, made her amass more followers on Instagram.

Net worth, body measurement, and other facts

She is doing well when it comes to her finances. As a model and actress, her net worth is not certain but it has been estimated to be a whopping $500,000.

In height, She is 5 feet 7 inches tall. Body-wise, her measurement is 35-26-37 inches and she wears size 33 C as her bra cup.

She is a social media personality, who shares sultry photos of herself on bikinis, showing off her lovely skin and curvaceous body on her Instagram account with her 4 Million followers. She has brunette hair, grey eyes, and an hourglass figure. She loves singing and dancing as hobbies and her favorite hue is blue.

From her dealings and less information about herself, it points to the fact that she likes her privacy and wouldn’t want her private life to interfere with her career.

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