Nicolas Roye – Age, Ethnicity, Movies, Other Facts

Nicolas Roye

Nicolas Roye is an actor known for his numerous voice over for anime/animations, games, and commercial campaigns. If you’re a fan of any of these forms of entertainment or you’re familiar with all McDonald’s advertising campaigns, you’ve likely heard Roye’s voice before. If you have not heard his voice before, you’re not the only one.

If you’re not sure, here are some facts about Roye that you might find interesting.

Nikolas Roye’s Mother Passed Away.

Nicolas Roye, born to a Spanish father and an Italian mother in Lakewood, New Jersey. He was bred and brought up in Louisiana. His mother, Lisa Ann Collura, passed away in 1985. Other information about Roye’s family is unknown.

Roye graduated from the University of New Orleans Louisiana in 1999, where he studied theater and bagged a Bachelor in Arts degree. There, he was awarded Best Actor for his role as ‘Pale’ in “Burn This”, a play by Landlord Wilson Originally published in 1987.

Roye was born on the 24th of August 1977, he will be 44 years old this year.

Nicolas Roye is an All Round Voice Actor

At the University of New Orleans, Roye followed his award-winning role with performances as Sebastian in “Twelfth Night”  and Nicholas Beckett in “What the Butler Saw”.

When Roye started his career as a voice actor is not known, but his first official voice-over was in 1995 as Shingo Tsukino for the animation TV show “Sailor Moon” and  “New Sailor Moon Crystal”.

Other popular voice-overs by Roye for anime/animation Movies and Tv series characters include Mikey Kudo in Nickelodeon’s “Digimon Fusion” of 2013, multiple characters in “Naruto Shippuden” of 2009, Otter from Disney Junior’s “Guess How Much I Love You”, Wyatts in “Hot Wheels” of 2014 and 2015, Shinki in “Boruto: Naruto Next Generation” 2018, and Chuuya Nakahara in “Bungo Stray Dogs WAN!” in 2021.

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Roye’s can also be heard in widely popular video game titles, voicing major roles such as Octane in “daredevil adrenaline-junkie Octavio”, Justin Hammer and Sydney Levine in “Avengers”, “Shadow of the Tomb Raider”, Silva in “Apex Legends” with over 70 Million players, Elsword in the online mega-hit “Elsword”. And also Battlefield Hardline, Mafia II & III, Horizon Zero Dawn, Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution & Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, Hitman Absolution, Fire Emblem Warriors & Fire Emblem Heroes, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and several others.

In the business world, Roye has his voice on numerous commercial campaigns for big companies such as McDonald’s, Taco Bell Breakfast, NASCAR, Pepsi, Wonderful Pistachios, Hot Wheels, Mountain Dew, White Castle, Corona, Cheetos, Sketchers, and Wienerschnitzel.

As an actor and a graduate of theatre, fans of Nicolas Roye are hoping he would take on a role where he would actually act with his face and not just his voice. There is yet to be any sign of him putting this into consideration.

Nickolas Roye has Never been Married

Mostly known for his work and not his face, Roye’s personal life is pretty much undercover. No concrete information about his past relationship. For now, Roye’s work is his partner. He is single as there is no woman present in his life, has never been married before, and has no children. Roye is probably more interested in his career than having a family at the moment.

Nickolas is Richer Than Most Voice Actors

Many voice actors tend to specialize in one or two areas regarding voice acting, but Roye seems to be involved in most, if not all areas of voice acting. This gives him a wide range of opportunities which connotes more money. In other words, Roye is everywhere. Nickolas Roye is worth about $5m as of 2020.

Image source: IMDb