Nestor Carbonell: Heritage, Career, Full Biography

Nestor Carbonell

Nestor Carbonell has established himself as an actor, director, and screenwriter. He has flirted with adventure as a child, living in around 13 countries of the world. The actor is having his best moments in Hollywood. What do you know about him? See his full biography here.

Nestor Carbonell: Heritage

Nestor Carbonell was born to Cuban parents Néstor Tulio Carbonell Cortina and Rosa Ramírez de Arellano Cárdenas in New York on December 1, 1967. His parents are of Spanish descent. His father left Cuba in 1960 after fighting at the Bay of Pigs. He later became a Pepsi executive, a job that required him to move the family around a lot.

Nestor was raised in cities like London, Mexico City, the Bahamas and the rest. His family has a great love for education. In fact, his paternal great-grandfather, José Manuel Cortina, was a noted Cuban orator and diploma. His father, a Harvard graduate wrote a memoir titled “And the Russians Stayed”, his personal experiences while he fought at the Bay of Pigs.

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When his family was in London, he attended The British School until his family relocated to the U.S and he was sent to Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts. He proceeded to Harvard University where he bagged a Bachelor of Arts degree in English in 1990. His elder sister, Rosa Maria “Mia” Carbonell, a Harvard graduate as well as a Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications at Forbes. Rafael Palmeiro, a former professional baseball player is his cousin

Nestor Carbonell is fluent in the Spanish language. He is 51 years old.

Nestor Carbonell: Career

Nestor Carbonell made his acting debut in 1989 when he appeared in an episode of CBS soap opera “As the World Turns” as Alberto Córdova. In 1991, he appeared in the police procedural and legal drama series “Law & Order” as Stuart Carradine on NBC.

He took his talent to the stage in the early ‘90s where he appeared in two plays namely “A Silent Thunder” and “Getting Away With Murder”. He returned to the television series and appeared as Marco in an episode of CBS sitcom “Good Advice”.

Nestor’s breakout role came in 1995 when he landed the role of Gianni in the television sitcom “Muscle” on The WB Network. The series tells the story of the murder of “Big” Jim Atkinson the president and founder of the chain of gyms, and his sons attempt to find out the people behind his father’s death. Shannon Kenny, who would later be Nestor’s wife played the role of Jim Atkinson’s younger wife who was the prime suspect in her husband’s death.

Nestor landed a career breakthrough role on NBC sitcom “Suddenly Susan” where he portrayed the character of Luis Rivera in 93 episodes. The sitcom had mixed ratings as its viewership dropped gradually. In the year 2000, Nestor made his film debut in the comedy film “Attention Shoppers” where he played the role of Enrique Suarez. He followed this role with his appearance in the comedy-drama film “Jack the Dog” a year after.

Nestor Carbonell played the role of Moisés Kaufman in the drama film “The Laramie Project”. The film bagged him a nomination in different Award categories such as Humanitas Prize and L.A. Outfest which he eventually won.

He played the character of Richard Alpert in 29 episodes of ABC television series “Lost”. Nestor has also appeared in the psychological horror drama series “Bates Motel” as Sheriff Alex Romero on A&E Network. In 2019, he played a voice role in the superheroes comedy animated series “Big Hero 6: The Series”. Nestor has many acting credits and more will still come in the future

Who is Nestor Carbonell married to?

Nestor Carbonell married Australian actress Shannon Kenny on January 3, 2001. The duo met on the set of 1995 television series “Muscle” and went on to co-star in the 2000 film Attention Shoppers, which Carbonell was the scriptwriter.

In 2002, they welcomed their first son named Rafael, three years later, Shannon gave birth to their second son Marco. There are have been no breakup rumors as the couples are still enjoying their union together.

Net Worth and eyelashes

Nestor Carbonell made his acting debut three decades ago. He has since been active in the show business the best way he can. Moving from actor to screenwriter. Now he wears a directorship cap, a feat many are longing for.

All these titles do not reflect in his financial status, at least the way you envisioned we guess. Nestor is worth 3 million dollars. He is still active in the acting industry, there is an opportunity to double this figure before he hangs his acting gloves.

Nestor Carbonell has a natural dark eyelash that has been a subject of debate in various interviews. Many have argued that these eyelashes are been enhanced by a makeup artist but the actor said they are natural. The producers of “Lost” also defended the thespian stating that his eyelashes are natural. Nestor is a practicing Roman Catholic, a faith he is proud of any day.

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