Nat Zang – What He Is, Movies, Height, All

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Nat Zang

We can’t help but admit that child actors bring certain qualities to the screen and warmth to the heart. Sometimes pain if the said actor is Chucky-like. Nat Zang is one of those that have delighted our hearts with his acting right from his first appearance. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen him recently in any film and the fans are asking questions about that.

Here is everything we know about Nat Zang.

Nat Zang’s Real Age

Nat Zang was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, alongside two other siblings. There is no information online about his parents or his educational background but we know he attends college after High School.

Nat Zang was born on March 4, 1996. He is presently 23 years old, with just a few weeks to his 24th birthday.

Nat Zang’s Acting contract

Nat’s entanglement with acting didn’t begin at 12, when he had his major break. Nat’s acting career started way back in his High School days.

A year before his major role, his splendid performance in his school’s House Rock Live! Jr. earned him a contract with a renowned talent management agency known as Big Fish NW Talent Agency. Big Fish NW Talent Agency signed deals with the high school students even before their graduation. Talking about catching them young.

Movies by Nat Zang

Nat Zang participated in theater in and around the greater Seattle area in both professional and educational productions before moving to LA in 2017.

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Before that, Nat Zang has featured in several plays professionally and educationally. He is an actor best known for playing 10K in the SYFY series “Z Nation” (2014 -2018). He grew and gradually became one of the most important characters on the show. The series aired for four years and was eventually canceled after the 5th season.

Nat Zang might be in a Relationship

There isn’t enough evidence to prove that young Nat isn’t seeing someone presently. However, on Nat’san Instagram, he posted a picture on August 3, 2018. It was a picture of the mystery lady with the caption “Fappy National Girlfriend Day.”

We’ll let you decide if he has a lover or not.

Image source: Celebtap