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Nadia Affolter

Despite being a new face in the industry, Nadia Affolter has successfully won the hearts of so many with her excellent performance. Nadia started acting on a very small stage, one with her parents and other family members as the audience. She also attended the children’s theatre company in New York to master her acting skills. You would admit that it will be quite difficult for her to deliver a poor performance even if she wants to.

Nadia also writes and performs her songs, she has aspirations of becoming a music star soon. Here is everything you need to know about the young prodigy. Sugar, spice, and everything nice.

How Old is Nadia Affolter?

Nadia is often referred to as the international child, she spent most of her childhood traveling from one continent to the other. Nadia has been to Africa, Central Asia, and Europe. She recently settled in the city of New York. Nadia’s ethnicity is White.

Apart from English, Nadia can speak two other languages: German and Farsi (A Persian language and the official language of present-day Iran). In the course of her career, these languages will come in handy.

Personal information such as names and the number of family members is concealed from the general public. Growing up, Nadia and her siblings would entertain their family members. “I love performing with my siblings…” she said in one of her interviews.

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Haven’t been to a few interviews, there is still no information concerning the age of Nadia as interview questions are directed towards her roles and relationship with her character and the cast. According to her Tele-ageologist fans (a made-up word for fans that guessed her age), she’s somewhere between 22 and 24 years old.

Nadia Affolter’s Career

Nadia already made her debut before appearing as “Sara” in the first season of Amazon’s “Jack Ryan” TV series, with the Actor John Burke Krasinski. Her first appearance was as a “Persian Girl” in NBC’s crime and drama television series of 2015 “The blacklist”. The director of the Children theatre company had given her the information about the audition for the role. In 2018 she played Yasmeen in “Bodega”.

In January 2021, It was announced that Nadia will be assuming a recurring role in season three of David Schulner’s “New Amsterdam”. Nadia will play the role of Mina. To avoid spoilers, information about her character was withheld.

Nadia is a songwriter, song performer, and guitarist. She has been performing for a very long time. Two years ago, Nadia created a YouTube account intending to build a community and promote her music. Although, she has not been able to do much as there are just a few videos on her channel.

This has not stopped Nadia from performing in events when the opportunity presents itself. Her talents and hard work have led her to perform at the prestigious Carnegie Hall.

Nadia Affolter and  Relationships

Nadia has been very active on her Instagram page of almost 7000 followers until this year, she uploads mostly pictures of herself and her acting crew. Once in a while, she posts pictures of her and her family having fun.

There has been no sign of neither a relationship nor a boyfriend. You could say she’s focused solely on her career at the moment.

How tall is Nadia Affolter?

Nadia is tall enough to play for the United States Women’s national volleyball team. As much as she enjoys playing volleyball, she also enjoys biking and swimming. Some of the things she does for fun. The multi-talented Nadia is 5 foot 3 inches tall, or you could say 1.6meters.

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