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Molly Schade

Molly Schade is an actress known for a couple of movies (which some will call obscure) none of them in the last decade (which is the same thing as obscure for some). What is she up to today? Is she married or single? How rich is she? These are the subjects of this post.

Let’s do this.

How old is she?

Molly Schade was born on September 13, 1983, in Perrysburg, Ohio. Her family records is not known to the public which is either owing to the fact that Schade is a secretive person or that she isn’t such a superstar that would warrant spending resources digging up her past.

Molly Schade who also goes by the name Molly Nuo is thirty-eight years old.

Who is she married to?

In 2005, Molly Schade got married to Patrick Nuo. Patrick Nuo is a Swiss pop singer with Albanian and Kosovan roots. He had began singing as a backup in Germany before making the move to Los Angeles, United States. His first album came out in 2013, one year after he was signed by Warner Music.

Patrick is also a model and an actor, appearing in mostly German-language shows.

Patrick Nuo und Molly Schade: Scheidung – B.Z. Berlin

The marriage between Molly and Nuo produced two kids, the first, a daughter, born in June 2006. This may be surprising to people who are familiar with Molly Schade’s quote on children: “I believe in children, because they are the most pure and innocent creatures. They are not yet tainted by the world of today.”

One may expect her to birth a team but this is not a decision one person makes. And, too, as her kids grow up and the words gets worse, she may have had a rethink.

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The couple divorced in 2012. It started in November 2011 when Schade filed for divorced in a Santa Monica Courthouse, Los Angeles. As court documents are not available online for Family cases in California, we may never know the cause of her move to dissolve her married.

The marriage came to an end in early 2012.

How tall is Molly Schade?

Molly Schade stands at five feet 7 inches or 1.7 meters. This is impressive as the average Hollywood actress stands at 5 feet 5 inches. On the income side, Molly Schade’s net worth is below the average of what stars in the industry take home.

Her net worth is put at 1 million dollars which is rather generous.

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