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Molly McCook

Molly McCook is an American actress whom you might know for her roles in Last Man Standing, Good Trouble and the Ranch, and a singer with who was born into a popular Hollywood family. Here are all the facts you need to know about the star who began her career in 2006.

How old is Molly McCook?

Molly McCook was born on July 30, 1990, in Los Angeles as Molly Jane McCook. Her father is an actor, her mother is an actress and she has siblings who are into the industry. Much is not known about her early life and educational endeavors but we know she started acting as a teenager in 2006.

She is 29 years old.

Family – Is she related to John McCook?

John McCook is a big figure in day time drama. Born in 1944, he is most known for his role as Eric Forster in the everlasting soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful” (or B&B) which has been on air since 1987. John McCook and a certain Katherine Kellly Lang are the only members of the cast to feature in all the seasons till date.

And yes, Molly McCook is related to John McCook. She is his daughter. Molly McCook’s mother’s name is Laurette Sprang. She is a TV actress who began her career in 1972 and is most known for her role in the series “Battlestar Galactica” in 1978.

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Before this, John McCook was married to Juliet Prowse the South African India-born dancer who was held stage, film, and TV audiences in the spell of her powerful moves for more than four decades. The marriage happened in 1972 and produced a son, the actor Seth McCook. In 1979, the couple separated and divorced.

McCook’s other siblings include Jake Thomas (born 1981) and Rebecca Jeanne (born 1983).

Career – Who was Darlene in “The Ranch”

Molly McCook began her career in 2006 in one episode of the series “The Monk” on USA Network. She was part of the popular series such as “The Bold and The Beautiful” in which she played five episodes in a show her father practically owns and an episode of “Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D” on ABC in 2010 and 2013.

Her career took a bigger turn in 2016 when she began playing Darlene in the series “The Ranch” the sitcom on Netflix. She played the recurring role of Darlene Roth the girl whose boyfriend left after she gives birth and was in a blind date with Rooster Bennet (played by Daniel Masterson) one of the characters in which the series is about. McCook was in this show up to 2018.

In 2019, Molly was in six seasons of the series “Good Trouble” in which she played Rebecca, one of the clerks for conservative Judge Curtis played by Roger Bart. Molly McCook was in this series in a recurring capacity.

In 2018, Fox revived the sitcom “Last Man Standing” which had had a successful six seasons which ended in 2017 on ABC network. To play the role of Amanda Elaine “Mandy” Baxter-Anderson, the producers failed to bring Ephraim Molly back on set after she won the hearts of fans in the six seasons. Though both Ephraim and McCook have the same first name, the fans weren’t fooled and they trolled both stars. It was so bad that Molly Ephraim deleted her Twitter account.

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Molly McCook is not one to chicken out and has vowed to love and respect the series and win over the fans as much as possible. “Last Man Standing” is the most extensive show so far for the star who has appeared in 21 episodes.

How tall is Molly McCook?

Molly McCook is pretty tall. She stands at 5 feet 10 inches or 1.78 meters. This is a basketball height for a woman even in Hollywood. The average woman in Hollywood stands at 5 feet 5 inches, and McCook is far taller than this. In fact, she stands neck and neck and head to head with the average man in Hollywood.

Molly wears the 33B bra size and weighs 55 kg or 121 pounds.

What is Molly McCook net worth?

Although her career began in 2006, Molly’s big roles only began two to three years ago. To this, no one expects her to be swimming in millions of dollars. But she hasn’t fared so badly as regards to her finance. She is worth 1.7 million dollars and everyone who knows her is – should be – proud of her.

Who did she just get married to?

Molly McCook dated the actor and musician Devon Werkheiser from 2010 even appearing in his music video “If Eyes Could Speak” in 2014. Not familiar with the song? The song is not particularly a hit with its 5000 plus views on Youtube but you can still know Devon – he was “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide” on Nickelodeon.

In 2016, Molly McCook began to date the actor John Klause. He is not a popular actor and only has one or two TV credits to his name. During the negativity that raged about Molly’s inclusion in “Last Man Standing”, Klause tweeted his support: “It’s so hard seeing my fiancé dealing with all this negativity from trolls online. But the positive comments and kind fans far outweigh the negative ones” – and was proud of the way she handled it with grace and poise.

The couple got married in September 2019.

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