Mo Collins: Ten Things You Need To Know

Mo Collins

Mo Collins ticks many boxes in the show business. The actress has entertained fans and has garnered a reputation for her standout performances on stage and TV series. She is still very much active in the entertainment industry and here are ten things about her you just need to know.

1. Mo Collins was born in Minnesota

Her birth name is Maureen Ann Collins and she was born on July 7, 1965, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Why does she answer Mo instead of Maureen? She did not choose the name Mo herself, it was her high school teacher who selected her to be in his improv class that gave her the name. Mo Collins family details are a little shaky. But we know her mother’s name is Winnie Collins, and no one knows if she has siblings or not, nor the name her father goes by.

Mo started developing an interest in arts at a tender age. Her major focus then was in oil and acrylic paintings. She was however enrolled at Robbinsdale Armstrong High School. Later, she joined West Charlotte High School before jetting off to the University of Florida.

2. She made her acting debut in 1996

Mo Collins made her acting debut in a minor role in the film “Jingle All the Way”. This was after she left Minnesota to relocate to Los Angeles. Los Angeles offers a lot of opportunities for incoming actors and luckily for her, there were roles she could fit in properly. And she did.

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Ms. Collins had what can be called hit the ground running. As she went on to rock so many heights in her acting journey. Soon after arriving, she went on to feature in “Knocked Up” and “The 40-Year Old Virgin”.

3. Mo Collins is gifted in doing celebrity impressions

When you’re talented, you also have to create your own niche where you can excel smoothly. Mo Collins can make you laugh, well, that is depending on your mood – she’s not called to raise sadists from the death. She enhanced her comedic skills at Dudley Riggs’ Brave New Workshop in Minneapolis and has performed at Disney’s Pleasure Island Comedy Warehouse in Orlando for two years.

When it comes to doing celebrity impressions, she unleashes her creative spirit. She has done near-perfect o perfect celebrity impressions of female celebrities, such as Courtney Cox, Angelina Jolie, Catherine Hicks, Mary Hart, and Madonna.

4. Her breakout role was in MADtv as Doreen Larkin

“MADtv” played a huge role in her fame in the show business but it was her determination and talent that kept coming in the display when she needs it most. After she excelled in her audition for the sitcom, she landed the role of Doreen Larkin and in 1998 she made her debut in the show.

Mo joined the cast of “Mad TV” at the beginning of its fourth season and remained with the show until the end of the ninth season. After such a long time in the comedy, reality and talk show on The CW and Fox, her fame swelled.

5. Mo Collins first marriage with Jimi Englund ended in divorce

It has always been said, tongue-in-cheek and tongue-off-cheek that Hollywood is the divorce capital of the world. The truth being that when it comes to marriage, no matter your location, romance fades and sparks may cease. In 1993, our heroine fell in love with actor Jimi Englund and it led to marriage.

In 1995, the couple had a son, Cullen James Englund and after 16 years of being man and wife, they divorced. The reason for their divorce is not public.

6. The movie star married Alex Skuby in 2013

Mo waited for four years after her divorce. We have seen stars remarry after six months but not her.

When she decided to remarry, she got married to Alex Skuby. Alex Skuby is also a movie star. He started his career in Chicago and has appeared in a number of movies such as “Becker Pandemic” and “Castle”. He was formerly married to Kristy Thomas and divorced her in 2010.

They don’t have any child as Mo must have now passed the biological age of giving birth.

7. She was diagnosed with a stomach cancer

What role do our partners play in our lives? For some, it could be the happiness they bring or how they care about our life. For Mo, Alex can be described as the type of man who complements her. In 2011, she began to notice a weird lump on her abdomen, she wanted to ignore it but her then-fiancé Alex encouraged her to visit the Doctor and when she went to a doctor, she was diagnosed with a rare form of stomach cancer.

She has undergone treatment.

8. Mo Collins net worth is rather low

Mo Collins is not an A-list movie star. In fact, she is not in the middle nor even on the high lower list of actor when it comes to earning power. She is that star who is always around when you just need her. Her current net worth is put at $600k. If this figure is to be believed, it is a poor return for an actress who has been there for more than two decades.

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She is still active in the acting industry and still capable of playing the comedian. Money is not everything.

9. She is also a voice artist

Mo Collins has also voice-acted in some films. She voiced the character of Dispatch in the animated series “Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts.” She has also voiced some characters in the Netflix animated comedy series ‘”F is for Family.” Mo also had voice roles in the Disney Junior series “Sheriff Callie’s Wild West”

10. She is an Emmy Award Nominee

Her numerous roles on TV has made her noticeable not just to the fans alone but to filmmakers and Emmy award givers. In 2017, she bagged the Emmy nomination for Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance. Even though she did not win this award, she was at least recognized by an important award even if haters will say it is a lowend category.

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