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Mimi Miyagi

Mimi Miyagi or Melody Miyagi or Miyaki or Myagi or just Miyagi is an Asian happy ending actress. While she was in prime, she was untouchable. Today, the years are beginning to tell but she survives. This is not a diss post. It is a post about the things we know about the actress and filmmaker.

Here we go.

Real name and age

The actress we know as Mimi Miyagi was born Melody Damayo in Davao City, Philippines in July 1973. She was born into a strict religious home. You will be hard-pressed exhausting the fingers of one hand counting Christian denominations that are stricter than them.

When she was six, the family of four children moved to California. Fearing that Mimi Miyagi will be corrupted by the American system, the family sent her home to the Philippines for her high school studies. She went on to have her university education in the country.

She never finished university. She dropped out in the second year with the talent of a DJ as she DJ’ed for the college radio station. It was her stint here that opened her eyes to show business.

Mimi Miyagi is 38 years old.

Return to the US and the adult world

Mimi Miyagi returned to California determined to pursue her show biz career. She got a scholarship to enter the American College for Fashion Merchandising. She didn’t finish. She elected, instead, to become a Certified Master Makeup Artist. This time she completed her studies at the makeup artistry school at FOX Studios in Hollywood, California.

To make ends meet, she became a provocative dancer in a nightclub. Still struggling to pay her bills, one day, in 1993, she saw an advert for nude models and answered it. She became a nude model and adult star.

She left the industry and California in 1996. She moved to neighboring Nevada where she got married to a footballer.

In 1998, she appeared in an America Undercover documentary entitled “Strippers: The Naked Stages” on HBO.

Divorce, return into happy ending, and politics

Mimi Miyagi divorced her husband in 2001. By 2003, she was so broke to the point of bankruptcy. She returned to the adult world she left behind seven years ago. In 2007, she dumped the industry once again and became a mainstream actress.

In 2006, Mimi Miyagi became a republican and declared for governor of Nevada. “I have nothing left to hide, everybody has seen all of me already,” she said of her candidacy, committing to make anti-stalking law as a governor. With “I’m bare and honest at all times” she attracted some interest in the media.

This interest never materialized into votes as she was clobbered in the primaries by Jim Gibbons who went on to become governor between 2007 and 2011. Miyagi got 1,651 votes which represented 1.17 of the entire votes cast.

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