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Miko Hughes

Some people break into the acting business while others were born into the acting industry, perhaps in the streets of Hollywood. As for Miko Hughes, he was born into the acting industry and has spent most of his life on the screen, behind the camera, turning script pages in Hollywood.

Miko has done that all of these and most times when his name is mentioned, it leads to a debate. Here, we have answered five questions about the actor to save you from further debate.

1. How Old was Miko Hughes When he made his film debut?

Miko Hughes made his film debut when he was twenty-two months old in a “Public Service Announcement”. It was like being born into Hollywood a reporter said. Five months later he added another movie credit to his name making further headlines.

Miko played the character of Gage Creed in Stephen King’s book adaption to the screen “Pet Semetary”. The movie was a commercial success even though there was a slight distinction from the characters in King’s book and the characters on the screen.  Miko also portrayed the character of Dylan Leary in “Jack the Bear” and Jeffrey Lovell in Apollo 13. His teenage years were occupied with a lot of film projects and he made acting look easy.

Aside from registering his name in film credits, he has also made a big claim in TV series, appearing in some series like “Rosewell”, “Scrubs” and “Cavemen”. He also lent his voice in “Baby Geniuses”. And his voice role in “Life with Louie”  earned him an Emmy Award for voicing the character Tommy.

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These days, the actor prefers to write and direct judging from the last time he made a major screen appearance wan in 2011 in Steve “Nile’s Remains”

2. How Old is Miko Hughes?

Miko Hughes was born in Apple Valley, California on February 22, 1986, to a special effects technician named father named John Hughes, and mother Mary (née Phelps). He has three siblings namely Molly, Mitch, and Mike.

There is no other information of the school he attended or anything other things that caught his attention during his childhood days and this is because he started acting when he was 22-months old when most of his mates were left under the care of baby minders. Although Miko never opened his mouth at 22-months old to declare his interest in acting, his parents played a heavy role which was also a gamble considering that not many child actors go on to have a successful screen career after their first shot.

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But there are somethings which might have played a huge part. Being born in Los Angeles, a city reputed to be a haven for successful actors and having parents who worked as agents gave Miko a soft landing in an industry that eats young talented actors up.

3. Is the actor Gay?

Miko Hughes is amongst those actors who shy away from publicly expressing their sexuality. No one knows if he is straight, bisexual or gay. He has not flaunted anyone online be it male or female and no one has posted his pics to claim romantic ties. Does he have a baby? We don’t know for sure, no news like that has made headlines. However, if he has one, does it mean he is hiding the kid from the world or hiding the world from his kid. No, his name is not Drake.

4. How much is the actor’s net worth?

Miko Hughes has spent so much time in acting and it is expected that his bank account will surprise many. Although his net worth comes as a surprise but in the other way round. According to several sources, the actor’s net  worth is around $500,000 thousand dollars. This might come as a shock and not even a surprise to some people. Although many believed that Miko Hughes might be a secret billionaire, cutting away media attention from him. If that is the case, then no one knows his real net worth. But if he is being fleeced in Hollywood, which we strongly doubt, then it could be he might be living a lavish lifestyle.

5. How tall is Miko Hughes?

Miko Hughes is not exactly a giant as he stands at 5 feet 4 inches or 1.62 meters tall. The average actor in Hollywood is 5 feet 10, some six inches taller than where Miko stands. In fact, the average female star in Hollywood is one full inch taller than Mr. Hughes.

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