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Michael Mando

Michael Mando is that baby-faced Canadian Thespian who has had acting credits in both the United States and in his home country. Two countries, many credits, one Mando. His life story tells the story of a man who has lived life in a couple of countries and cultures.

Here are all the facts you need to know about the Better Call Saul star.

Michael Mando was born in Quebec

Michael Mando was born in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. His parents called him Melanie Papalia. He was born in July 1981 which puts his age at 38 years which is somehow difficult to believe when you really look at his baby face. His parents only gave birth to boys, three of them of which he is number two.

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While he was born in Quebec, he didn’t grow up there. According to his personal website and as reiterated in his many interviews, he grew up in 37 homes in ten cities spread across four continents before his mid-twenties. Due to the fact that he was born in Quebec, in Canada, and owning to his roots and many travels, he speaks fluent French, English, and Spanish.

Michael Mando wanted to be an athletic

Growing up, Michael Mando wanted to be an athlete. That didn’t come out well. Growing up, Mando actually didn’t know what he wanted. The internet is full of snippets of how he wanted to be an athlete until he broke his leg in his mid-twenties then decided on a new career. How can this be when people have won Olympic medals before their twentieth birthday? Other sources claim he wanted to be a writer further muddling the whole issue.

Today Michael is an actor, a career he began at 27 and has been in ever since making two things clear – one, this was what he was called to do; two, he didn’t know what he was called to do until well into his adulthood.

He began his career in 2010

One of Michael’s earliest (if not first professional) movies was “Conditional Affection” in 2010. It was a short film he wrote, produced, and directed. This is not the first time actors have taken the direction of their careers into their hands.

In 2013, Mando appeared in “The Colony” the Canadian science fiction movie set in 2045, and “Make Your Move” a US-South Korean collaboration movie that was inspired by the legendary tale of Romeo and Juliet. The film made a whopping $1,427,172 at the box office.

On the television aspect, Mando had a handful of credits. He was in the Canadian TV series “Orphan Black” and in “La Marraine” the crime TV series in which Mando played the role of a debt collector. Perhaps his best moments on TV was in AMC’s “Better Call Saul”, the offshoot of “Breaking Bad” where he played the role of Nacho Varga, a lieutenant in a drug ring who wanted to eliminate his boss for the good of their group.

Mando’s playing the role of a Mexican in “Better Call Saul” led many to ask questions as to his real ethnicity. The strong information on the ground is that Mando has Mexican roots.

In 2020, he was asked about returning to the MCU as Scorpion and he told Steve Varley, “There is a chance.” Mando, who last appeared in 2017’s Homecoming, added: “There’s always a chance.”

The star was Mac Gargan

In 2017, Michael Mando played what would turn out to be one of his most notable films. The film was Marvel Comics superhero film “Spider-Man: Homecoming”. Mac Gargan is an incarnation of Marvel Supervillain Scorpion. He was always featured as an investigator, usually on the opposite side of Spider-Man.

While Mac is a big Marvel Comics’ character in “Homecoming”, he played a much smaller role as an associate of the main antagonist Andrian Toomes or Vulture played by Michael Keaton.

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“Spider-Man: Homecoming” made 880 million dollars at the box office.

Relationship – is Michael Mando gay?

This is the usual lazy question that people ask when they cannot identify a man with a woman or vice versa. If you are famous, you should be married. Or have a known girlfriend or a couple of girlfriends. No one considers that you might be coy with your romantic life or unready to share yet. No one thinks that perhaps you have been burned and less reluctant to hop into the next romantic wagon. Heck, you might just not be willing to commit.

But for the average fan – you must be gay.

Michael is not gay. He is a man who doesn’t want women in his life on the pages of tabloids. He flaunts them. On Twitter, starting from 2016, he shares the cozy images with his girl using his verified handle @MandoMichael. But he makes sure she is backing the camera. As this one below.

Michael Mando

Image sources: Twitter and Elizabeth Goodenough

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