Mia Zottoli Bio And Three Facts

Mia Zottoli is an actress and model specializing in the mainstream and some erotics. Mia’s career can be traced back to 1997 and has featured in over forty films with various alternate screen names and aliases such as Ava Lake, Ava Niche, Phyllisha, or just Mia. So it’s fine if her name doesn’t ring a bell, though, her face might.

Let’s do this.

Mia was born into a Catholic family

Mia Zottoli was born in 1968 (age 53 years) in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. Due to her choice of career, one wouldn’t consider Mia to be from a strict religious background. But Mia was raised in a conservative Catholic family.

Growing up Mia was both studious and athletic in her childhood days. She danced and did gymnastics, and was also a cheerleader.

Mia graduated from college with a double major in the year 1991. She had a degree in Graphic Design too.

Mia will be 53 years old on 6 April 2022.

Mia Zottoli modeled for Playboy before acting

In the year 1997, Mia moved to the Hollywood city of Los Angeles, where she landed an audition with Playboy.

Mia did a few modeling gigs. Her stunning and statuesque looks got her work for a while, but working with Playboy magazine in the 1990s has always been a game of luck, and luck wasn’t on Mia’s side for long.

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The competition in the modeling world presented her with an unsuccessful modeling career and a lack of opportunities in mainstream Hollywood. To survive Mia ventured into a subsequent career as an actress in several low-budget B movies and late-night soft-core cable TV fare followed soon thereafter.

Mia starred in several adult movies and television short films. In the year 1999, she was seen in “Shandra: The Jungle Girl”  and “Auditions from Beyond”. Her last movie was released in 2008, it was a horror project called “Blood Scarab”.

Mia Zottoli was engaged

Mia Zottoli did tangle with lots of men like most stars in her line of work do. Her relationship timeline only reflects the image of one man.

Mia was engaged to the Hollywood actor, writer, and director Thomas Haden Church. He is known for playing the role of Flint Marko, also known as the Sandman, as the secondary antagonist of “Spider-Man 3”.

Thomas was also an Academy Award nominee. Mai and Thomas never confirmed whether they were married or not. But Mia had two children with Haden Church. Their daughter Cody Haden Church was born in the year 2004 while they were engaged. They later welcomed another daughter. Mia and Thomas called it quits after their younger daughter was 1-year-old. Mia never remarried, she spends her time co-parenting her daughters with her ex.

Mia’s ex-partner Thomas got into a lot of controversies due to his alleged relationship with the adult movie star. Mia has revealed that although shooting adult movies is also a job, their actors are discriminated against and looked down upon.

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