Mia Serafino: Age, Career, Quick Facts

Mia Serafino

Mia Serafino is that kind of actress you would see in one movie and hope to see in another one and then you are under the charm of her beautiful displays on the screen. But how well do you know the actress when the cameras are camera stop rolling? See all the details about her here.

Mia Serafino: Age and early life

Mia Serafino was born on April 19, 1989, in Detroit, Michigan. She is of Italian descent. The actress has, however, not given out the names of her parents or any of her siblings nor has the people who are supposed to know, found out. But we know her Dad was a musician and drummer and we know that he opened Mia’s eyes as to the gains of the entertainment industry.

Mia Serafino started by doing commercials in her native Detroit.

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After finishing her high school in Detroit, Mia gained admission into Chicago College of Performing Arts, Chicago, Illinois, where she bagged a BFA in Musical Theater. Again, her Dad’s musical talent must have played a part to inspire her decision to study music, we’ve seen enough actors who followed career paths as their parents. She later moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career in Hollywood.

Mia Serafino: Career

Mia Serafino made her debut in American science fiction cum psychological thriller “The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations” where she played the role of Rebecca Brown. The film was a sequel to its previous parts of “Butterfly Effect” and “Butterfly Effect 2”.

Filmed in her hometown of Detroit, Michigan, it received a lot of negative reviews and one of these reviews came from Roger Ebert who described the film as a minor improvement over the un-watchable previous sequel. This reviews hit hard, enough to make Mia disappear from the acting industry and rush into the studio to do music, but she stayed strong. Previous parts of the film might have been a torture to watch but she was not in them.

Moving to Los Angeles proved to be a career turning point for her as she Moved soon appeared as a guest star on episodes of American “Shameless” on Showtime, “Franklin & Bash” on TNT and “NCIS: Los Angeles” on CBS which features your favorite LL Cool J. Movie roles started coming and she proved that she did not come to Hollywood to bite her fingernails.

She appeared in the American drama romance film “Approaching Midnight”. Mia was also in the film “The Color of Time” as Sarah. The film was written and directed by twelve New York University film students. She was in yet again another Romance movie entitled “A Lesson in Romance” as Lacy and starred also in the comedy-drama film “Saving Mr. Banks”.

Mia’s big break in acting came in 2016 when she portrayed the character of Stella Gunn in the NBC sitcom “Crowded”. Mia still owes her fans many acting credits and only time shall tell.

Net worth

Mia Serafino has aged a little in the acting business but has it reflected in her bank balance? At this point in time, only her account manager can answer this question. While her actual net worth still remains a conjecture, it is believed she has made some loot in the industry.

We don’t want to speculate, but she’s not broke. She is currently 30 years of age and showing flashes of brilliance in the couple of acting credits she has appeared in so far. She has enough time to write her own paycheck in Hollywood.


Mia Serafino is beautiful, the kind of beautiful that commands attention and holds it, but who is she dating? Mia has not disclosed who she is dating. There are strong convictions that she might be single, but if anyone takes you to any deity and ask you to swear on this, don’t. While you are reading this, things might be happening to her.

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And whatever she is doing and whoever she is seeing and refusing to let us see, time will tell. Meanwhile, she can continue to be busy acting, enjoying her holidays, and fantasizing about kissing actor Hugh Jackman from the film “Real Steel”. Cupid’s arrow is not a respecter of business, fantasy, and whatnot.

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