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Meredith Salenger.

Meredith Salenger is an actress whose most known appearances came in the 1980s. If you haven’t seen any 80s movies you probably don’t know her in her best days. But she has continued to act, she has continued to make good acts on screen; she might not beat her 80s act in popularity but she has remained around and strongly so. Here are all the facts you need to know about the Harvard-trained star.


Meredith Salenger was born in Malibu, California. She was born to working-class parents – a dentist father and an interior designer mother. She is Jewish. She grew up in California where she had her education up until after high school.

Growing up, Meredith just won’t stop performing in front of her parents, family, and friends. Perhaps it is the Hollywood air around (Malibu is under Los Angeles County) or it is just an inborn desire to be a star. Her parents didn’t leave this to chance. When she was aged eight, her mother took her to an acting class. The journey began.

Born in March 1970, Meredith Salenger is 49 years old.

Meredith Salenger – education

Meredith Salenger studied at Harvard. Have you noticed how despite the smartass we rate actors to be, we hardly read Ivy Universities in their bio? Well, not this one. Meredith was in Harvard and more than that she graduated cum laude – which is a Latin way of saying she graduated in the top 20% of her class. She left the university in 1992 with a degree in psychology.

While at Harvard, she was roommates with a certain Tanya Selvaratnam. Tanya is a Colombian-born internationally recognizable actor, author, producer, and activist. It is not known if Tanya was an influence of sort to Salenger but the university is a place of learning inside and outside the classroom, so you won’t be required to pay a fine if you guess in the affirmative.

Meredith Salenger – career

Meredith career began with a blast. She was the lead and title character in the 1985 movie “The Journey of Natty Gann” where she played the role of a tomboy in the Great Depression (of the 1930s). The film made nearly 10 million dollars in just the US and Canada, not a small feat in that time. For her role, the Young Artist Awards nominated her for the award of Best Young Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama.

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In 1989, she was a major part of the teen film where characters just wake up to discover their self in the body of another titled “Dream a Little Dream”. After this, her career took what many might describe as a nosedive towards lesser fame into the edges of bit-part playing and obscurity.

She was in the “Apocalypse” in 2008. In 2012, she had what can be termed a revival when she was part of the main cast of “Hollywood Heights” the family drama on TeenNick. Then she played a recurring voice role in the animated sketch comedy “Mad” on Mad TV. She also had minute appearances in popular TV shows such as Fox’s “24” and “Grey’s Anatomy” on ABC.

Meredith Salenger – relationship

Ms. Salenger is a married woman. She met her husband Patton Oswald online just when he was mourning the loss of his wife who suddenly died in her sleep due to the effect of multiple drugs. The two became friends just online. Then they met and the chemistry might have become too much as they got engaged almost immediately and got married just afterward in November 2017. At the time of her marriage, Meredith was 47 years old.

Meredith inherited a stepdaughter from Oswald’s previous marriage with Michelle McNamara the author and writer. She has no child of her own yet. She is 49 years old.

Oswald is a stand-up comedian, actor, voice artist, writer, and an Emmy Primetime Award winner.

Height and net worth

Meredith Salenger is 5 feet three inches or 1.6 meters tall. She weighs 56 kg or 123 lbs (as of 2015, these things fluctuate badly). She is rather slim with an hourglass shape. Her bra size is 34C and she wears the US size 6 dress and size 9 shoes.

Meredith Salenger is worth three million dollars. This is one actor we feel is too priced considering how she hasn’t been overly hot on-screen of recent.

Image source: IMDb



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