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Meredith Eaton

Meredith Eaton is an actress of outstanding talents. Challenged by height, she is not limited by her physique as she has made a name for herself in a career where the average colleague is more than one and a half feet taller than she is. When the lords of Westeros mentioned that Bran has a unique story, they were also talking about Meredith. Here are all the things you need to know about the star actress.


Meredith Eaton was born Meredith Hope Eaton in August 1974 in Long Island, New York City. She was born to a clinical psychoanalyst mother and a governor-appointed administrative law judge of a father.

Meredith Eaton is well-educated. She has a degree in psychology from Hofstra University and a master’s degree from the Derner Institute Of Psychoanalysis at Adelphi University. I think I once read somewhere where her name is mentioned in the same breath with Ph.D. I don’t know for sure but I won’t be surprised if Meredith is running a Ph.D. program somewhere

Meredith Eaton is 46 years old.

Meredith Eaton’s career

Meredith began acting in 1999 on a low-key mostly appearing as extra and in passing scenes. Then PJ Hogan began to make casting calls for his comedy film “Unconditional Love”.

For the role of Maudey Beasley, he needed a dwarf, and more than 500 little women from Canada, the United Kingdom, and America answered the call for auditions. Meredith came out tops and her career was born. Shot in 1999 and 2000, the film was not released in the United States until 2003, thereby delaying the appreciation of the fine performance of Eaton.

To confirm this, when the film was released and the screenwriter and filmmaker Paul Haggis specifically created the role of  Emily Resnick in “Family Law” the legal series on CBS. Eaton played her part in 21 of the 68 episodes that made up the three seasons of the show.

In 2006, the actress joined the legal comedic series “Boston Legal” on ABC as part of its recurring cast. As with “Family Law”, the character Bethany Horowitz she portrayed was specifically created for her. In all, she was in 18 episodes and that was the show that shot her into the national limelight.

Her other TV credits include “NCIS: New Orleans” on CBS, “Battle Creek” also on CBS, “MacGyver” on ABC from September 2017 to April 2021. Etc.

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In the film aspect, Meredith hasn’t had a big career as she has a handful of forgettable roles including one as a receptionist in the mystery film “Veronica Mars” by Rob Thomas.

Looking back at her career, Meredith once said, “I have been stared at my whole life because of my height. Now, it is nice to finally be stared at for a different reason.”

Meredith Eaton – marriages and net worth

Meredith is a married woman. She got married to Michael Gilden in 2001. He was an actor and stunt performer. Born in 1962, he became an actor aged 19 in 1981. In a career that spanned three decades, Gilden appeared in shows such as “Freaked” and “Pulp Fiction”. You may have sometimes seen Meredith credited in films as Meredith Eaten-Gilden, now you know why. Michael passed away in 2006. He was 40 and four feet tall.

Two years later, Ms. Eaton married Brian Gordon, a professional photographer who has worked with movies such as “Deadpool”. Together the two have a daughter.

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Based on our own calculations, playing Forbes which is not farfetched since we have written about hundreds of stars and can now give estimates based on carefully made deductions, we can say that Meredith Eaton is worth 800 thousand dollars which is not a bad return at all.


Meredith Eaton is four feet tall on the dot which equates to 1.22 meters. She suffers from a form of dwarfism called pseudoachondroplasia spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia or just pseudoachondroplasia or PSACH. It is a kind of dwarfism that affects bone growth and stunts the height of the patient.

This dwarfism is only about very short height and does not affect head size, intelligence, and facial features – in fact, according to, pseudoachondroplasia patients have attractive faces.

The average female pseudoachondroplasia patient is 3 feet 9 inches tall which means Eaton is on the tall side as she is 3 inches taller than this average. To give you a clearer picture of Eaton’s height, she is four inches taller than arguably the most known dwarf on earth Peter Dinklage.

Image source: IMDb

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