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The earliest Mercy Johnson film I can recall is one which name I do not remember. But I remember the concept. Set in a village in the east, Mercy Johnson was a toughie, more like a village champion who will beat boys and girls, men and women. She was that strong, we can say strong as a rock for want of a better metaphor. One day, the village prince Ramsey Nouah was taking a walk and his path crossed with Mercy’s: Mercy Johnson was chasing someone to beat them up and the person ran and hid behind Ramsey Nouah. It is close to a taboo in many Nigerian to beat someone who is hiding behind someone, not to Mercy who made to hit the pursued, Ramsey was infuriated and gave her a thunderous blow in the eye and she fell down in pain. With her eye swollen and in a bandage, the king was mad at his son and decreed that Ramsey Nouah must marry her. Just like that. Well, Ramsey Nouah wouldn’t touch her nor treat her like a wife. Someday, it happened and it turned out that Mercy Johnson was a virgin.

I think this movie was in 2009 or thereabouts; since then nearly every single movie I watched had a Mercy Johnson in it. This was when I before I entered university. By the time I got far in school, Mercy Johnson was a household name. Now, Mercy Johnson is more like a legend in Nollywood. Here are all you need to know.

Age and early life

Mercy Johnson was born in August 1984 in Lagos. Her father, Daniel Johnson was in his naval posting in Lagos when Mercy happened to him. The family is blessed with seven children of which Mercy is number four. Due to the nature of her father’s postings, Mercy grew up in both Cross River and Rivers State where she attended her elementary and high school including Navy Secondary School, Port Harcourt. It was after her secondary school, in 2003, that she attended her first audition, got the role and her career in Nollywood was born.

Mercy Johnson is an Igbira woman whose homeland is Okene in Kogi State. She is 34 years old.

Mery Johnson – Career

Mercy Johnson’s career began in 2004. It coincided with the year A-list actresses such as Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, and Stella Damasus were suspended and blacklisted by a group of producers for charging too high. They found a darling in Mercy Johnson. They saw an actress who can be a village illiterate, who can rock a school campus, who has the curves to be a lover-girl and who can also be a city woman and a criminal, anything. And movie roles poured in. Titles such as “Baby Oku in America”, “Married to the Enemy”, “Lost to Lost”, “Sweet Mama”, “Emotional Blunder” are part of what is now more than 200 films to her name.

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At the inception of New Nollywood in the cinemas, Mercy Johnson was slow in making the transformation. It seemed like Mercy Johnson had been tainted with the mark of the cheaper, hastier Upper Iweka productions. But no one can push Johnson aside, she entered the cinema slowly but assuredly. She was in AY Makun’s “10 Tens In Sun City” in a small role. In December 2019 it was announced that she was the lead in “The Legend of Inikpi” which was directed by Frank Rajah Arase and expected in the cinemas in late January.

With this role, we hope we have now won Mercy Okojie to this side of Nollywood. They will be sorry to see her leave Asaba movies but anyone who knows Mercy Johnson knows that she has the body, the talents and the personality for the big screen.

Husband and kids

Mercy Johnson got married to Prince Odianosen Okojie in 2011. The couple is blessed with three kids between December 2012 and December 2016, namely Purity Ozioma Okojie, Henry Okojie, and Angel Okojie. In 2017, it was rumored that Mercy Johnson was pregnant for her fourth child which turned out to be false. Or not. Perhaps, she went on to have the child and decided to make it the only child the internet does not know about.

In December 2019, the actress showed off a baby bump on Instagram confirming that she is expecting another child. She gave birth to this child, a daughter, in April, 2020 at the University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center, Towson, Maryland, United States of America.

Mercy Johnson

The marriage is now knocking towards the first-decade mark. This is a surprise to many seeing that the marriage began in a rather bumpy manner as it turned out Okojie was married to a certain woman called Lovely Okojie and with two kids. The woman produced photos with her two kids whom she claimed were abandoned by their father. Mercy Johnson went on to marry the prince.

Mercy is having a great time in her marriage as is seen through her social media posts and there are some who will say Social Media lies. We don’t know about that, what we know was that in 2017, she posted that she counted herself lucky to have her man. “Every woman’s fate changes once they get married because two destinies mix but my destiny can’t cry on me because your love is with me,” before adding that she has memorized her husband like a bible verse and say him like a prayer. You could say that Mercy Johnson is not a poet and you would be right. But if you try to say this is not the voice of a woman in love, we will not believe you.

Image source: Guardian Nigeria and Esther Adeniyi’s Blog

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