Max Gail: Age, Net Worth And Lifetime

Max Gail

Max Gail has been flawless in making career transitions. From working as a school teacher, guidance counselor, to bar pianist and waiter and now acting, Max Gail has surely gathered so much experience that you can’t help but respect him. What do you know about the actor? Not enough to ignore these facts about him.

Max Gail: Age and Childhood

Max Gail was born on April 5, 1943, to a businessman father Maxwell Trowbridge Gail who dealt in Office supplies in Detroit, Michigan USA. His mother’s name is Mary Elizabeth. Max was not born alone as he came to the world with his twin sister named Grace.

The twin blood runs in his family so another set of twins arrived, this time two girls before the mother gave him a brother he could play with. Max and his siblings were all raised in Grosse Ile, Michigan. His twin sister Mary, is a singer, songwriter and music teacher.

Max learned how to play the piano when he was little this was after many days of watching his father who inspired him.

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Little is known about the high school he attended, but he acquired a B.A. (economics) from Williams College in 1965 and M.B.A in international finance from the University of Michigan in 1969. He then worked briefly as an instructor for the University Liggett School and also taught English and ancient history at the Grosse Pointe University School.

Max Gail: Net worth

Max Gail has been in the acting industry for more than five decades. He has worked in minor places before starting his acting career. He has saved some money too. But how rich is Max Gail? Max Gail is worth $6 million dollars according to celebrity net worth. Not enough to run campaigns if he wants to contest for the position of American President in the future.

But his net worth is big enough to afford him a home of his choice and a lifestyle he wants.


Max Gail made his acting debut in the year 1970 for The Little Fox Theatre in San Francisco, California, when he portrayed the role of Chief Bromden in the original stage production of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”.

His breakout role came in 1957, he appeared in the sitcom “Barney Miller” as Det. Stan Wojo Wojciehowicz. This film earned him the Primetime Emmy Award for two consecutive years in the Outstanding Supporting Actor category

His best-known feature film role was in the 1983 movie D.C. Cab as Harold, the owner of the D.C. Cab taxi company. In 1984, he was featured in the monodrama “The Babe” on Broadway. This stage play was filmed and later featured on PBS.

Max has starred in several other television series such as “Whiz Kids” as “Llewellan Farley, Jr, “Quantum”. He plays the role of Mike Corbin who is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease  in “General Hospital”

To add to his illustrious career, Max runs a production company Full Circle, which has featured documentaries on such subjects as Native Americans, Agent Orange, and nuclear issues.

Due to his love for making career transitions, we don’t know if he might return to teaching or counseling in the future. But his production company should keep him busy for a lifetime, we guess.

Did Max Gail Divorce his first wife?

Max married Willie Bier his first wife on 12 February 1983 but unfortunately, Willie died of cancer, after just three years of marriage in 1986. He has a daughter named India with her. Their marriage is a practical illustration of the marital vow they exchanged. “Till death do us apart”. It was death that separated them and not divorce as some people speculate. It was not by choice, it is caused by the uncertainty of life or the absence of life itself.

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After his wife’s death, Max narrated a film documentary on medicine titled “Hoxsey: When Healing Becomes a Crime”. The actor said the experiences he passed through during his wife’s death inspired him to take up a narrative role in the documentary.

In 1989, he got married for the second time. This time to Nan Harris. Nan was helpful in raising her stepdaughter India. In 1990, she became a mother when Maxwell was born. Three years after the birth of Maxwell, she took in again and Grace was born.

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