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Mark Gagliardi

If by chance you have heard about Mark Gagliardi even if it’s for a split second then it’s definitely about his role in the making and narration of the Comedy Central television program Drunk History an Emmy award-winning television program. It is very unlikely that the memories you have about him are of his days as a regular on the series Amigos that aired on PBS.

Mark Gagliardi is a household name in the entertainment industry and it is worth it knowing a few things about him. For this, we have got you covered with the best details about him. Here is all we know about Mark Gagliardi.

Mark Gagliardi- Early Life And Education

Mark Gagliardi was born on the 26th day of April 1979 in Tennessee, United States of America. Much detailed information isn’t given about his family, childhood, and pre-college years but it is believed he spent his early days in Tennessee where he studied.

Mark Gagliardi was to go on and further his education in pursuit of his dream career which is entertainment. He graduated from the Theatre School at DePaul University Chicago, Illinois, United States with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree, one of the most prestigious Bachelor’s Degree anyone can get in visual arts. He also graduated from The Second City Conservatory, a program that aims at improving actors and actresses in comedy writing, acting, scene studying, stand-up comedy, and lots more.

Mark Gagliardi- Career

Mark Gagliardi made his acting debut in the ’90s at a very young age when he starred in the Television series Amigos. He also had a role in the film Tales from The Crappie, a film released by Troma entertainment as an imitation of the comic film Tales from the Crypt in 2004. The movie tells two horror and comic stories about fat men, vampires, lesbians, and UFOs. It was shot over the period of three years, having six directors and about fifteen writers.

Since the inception of his career, Mark Gagliardi has featured in over 200 plays and has been performing constantly at iO West, comedy podcasts, and periodically in festivals such as SF Sketchfest. He is also a voice actor and has been voicing characters on TV for Star Vs The Forces of Evil and also for Venture Bros.

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While Gagliardi is fondly remembered because of the viral hit ‘Drunk History‘, he is also known for his work on stage in the live stage show and podcast at Los Angeles called *The Thrilling Adventure Hour* where he played the role of *Croach The Tracker* who happens to be Sparks Nevada’s native Martian sidekick. Sparks Nevada played by actor, Marc Evan Jackson is a marshal superhero who guides the red planet invaders, aliens, and other external threats.

He currently runs his own podcast called We Got This With Mark And Hal where he and Hal Lublin discusses all the small debates that are raised by listeners each week.


Mark Gagliardi’s life has been in the spotlight ever since his role in ‘Drunk History‘ and it won’t be surprising if his fans would love to know about his relationship status. These are one of the most vital things people would want to know about their favorite star and you will get to know this through us. As of present, Mark Gagliardi does not have any known relationship so it’s presumed he is single.

Net Worth

It isn’t surprising that people would always want to know the net worth of their favorite star, artist, or writer. It’s just there as one of the things that people are always inclined to make inquiries about. We have been giving updates about the net worth of many movie stars and that of your favorite, Mark Gagliardi won’t be any different. Mark Gagliardi is worth an estimate between $1 million and $1.5 million and this is expected to grow over the next few years.


Not many movie stars are giving back to their world but Mark Gagliardi is certainly one of the few trying to make the world a better place for everyone. He has been producing fundraisers for non-profit organizations such as BuildOn which is an organization that helps at-risk American minors and also building schools for developing countries.

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