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Maria Thayer

Raised on a bee farm, the story of Maria Thayer is rather enthralling. The actress and comedian has entertained fans in TV series, and it has also been a delight watching her on stage and music videos. How much of her career details do you know? See all her details.

Maria Thayer: Age

Maria Thayer was born on October 30, 1975, in Portland, United States. To be more exact, she was raised in a small town of Boring, east of Portland. Growing up in Boring doesn’t mean her childhood was boring as she was surrounded by loved ones and bees in a farm owned by her parents.

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Later on, the family moved to Minnesota where she schooled at Apple Valley High School in Apple Valley, Minnesota. During her high school days, Maria was a member of the National Forensic League now known as the National Speech and Debate Association. She then went on to study acting at The Juilliard School in New York.

Maria Thayer: Career in Hollywood

Maria Thayer kick-started her career in 1999 when she appeared in the film “Kimberly” as Louise. She played a minor role in the film and same year, she starred in the cult TV series “Strangers with Candy” as Tamela “Tammi” Littlenut. The series was produced by Comedy Central and was aired for just a year.

In the years that followed, Maria appeared in three episodes of the TV series “Big Apple” as Rosemary. A couple of film credits here and major roles in TV series there, Maria began to gather a strong fan base following her work on the screen.

When she acted alongside Will Smith in the American romantic comedy film “Hitch” as Lisa, she stealthily walked into the hearts of every movie lover despite playing a small role. In 2011, Maria starred in an action-comedy television series, “Eagleheart” where she portrayed the character of Susie Wagner in 24 episodes aired on the American programming block, Adult Swim. You should see the series if you haven’t done so. It has a lot of humor and the writers were firmly in control of the storyline.

In all her screen appearances, the TV series was where she flourished the most, appearing (as of August 2019) in 44 series as against 11 films. Maria also explored other genres in the show business by featuring in the music video of Friends of Friends by the artist Hospitality. She also appeared in Nick Lowe’s Sensitive man video. There are also stage appearance under Maria’s name like in “Necessary Targets” and Shakespeare’s “Love’s Labor Lost”


Maria Thayer is currently 43 years old and you should probably have one or two kids and a loving husband that keeps her warm at night in an ideal circumstance. Your ideal circumstance. The actress is not in any romantic relationship as of 2019. Does she have a baby? Not at all, people might hide the identity of their kids and not their existence. Is Maria a lesbian? She has not said so, her inability not to find Mr. Right (or him find her) doesn’t suddenly change her sexuality.

The actress might be single at the moment, it has not always been so. In 2009, Maria met the famous American actor David Harbour who is a Critics’ Choice Television Award winner following his role in the Netflix science fiction-horror series “Stranger Things”.

The duo dated for two years and unfortunately, their relationship ended in 2011. Ever since their breakup, no one has stated why the relationship crashed, not that they owe that to their anyone anyways. She is still very much comely and beautiful. Age is indeed just a number. And you are a coward.

Net worth

Maria is not broke that is the most important information about her. It is speculated online that she is worth approximately one million dollars.

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She started her acting in 1999 and has remained active in the acting business with gigs landing on her laps now and then. Someone who started her career in 1999 should be a millionaire and should be worth far more than this, that is if everything goes normal with her career. The fact that she is around the million-dollar mark says a lot.

At least we can say that Maria is a millionaire and since there is no billionaire actor, she’s in the apex club.

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