María Hervás – What We Know About The Star

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María Hervás

María Hervás is a Spanish film, theatre, and television actress from Spain. She made her Television debut in 2007, where she played the role of Susana in “Los Serrano”. In 2015, she made her debut in a feature film “Cómo Sobrevivir a Una Despedida”, a family comedy.

She’s known for exceptional performance in the television series “La Que se Avecina” and “Los Serrano”.

María Hervás might be a strange name to some outside the Spanish-speaking community but she is a crowd controller in the Cinema of Spain with several accolades.

María has simple Parents

María Hervás was born in Madrid, Spain, as an only child to Mr. And Mrs. Hervás. She was born on the 15th of March 1987. Her father is a Truck Driver and her Mother is a Postal worker. Probably retired now.

As a child, María Hervás loved dancing and performing in the house all the time. She would dress-ups and put on shows for her parents. As an only child, María has always been attached to her parents, she presently lives across the street from them.

María quit Architecture for acting

Oblivious of the opportunities in the entertainment industry, María Hervás picked interest in architecture and was admitted at Cristina Rota’s school. Then she met a casting director who she stroke as perfect for an ad for “la Sexta”.

María Hervás dropped architecture for acting and later studied Dramatic Art and Dance at age 16. After graduation, María decided to get a degree in philosophy at UNED.

Awards and Nominations

María Hervás adapted Gary Owen’s monologue Iphigenia in Splott into Iphigenia en Vallecas. The play earned her a Max Award and a Actors and Actresses Union Award (2019).

During the 27th Actors and Actresses Union Awards in 2018,  María won the Best Leading Actress (stage). Best Leading Actress in the 22nd Max Awards (2019). Best Stage Actress 70th Fotogramas de Plata (2020).

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She hosted the ceremony of the 7th Feroz Awards in 2020. The actress will be part of the upcoming El immortal in 2022.

Movies and television

Between 2007 and 2021, María Hervás has featured in five films and 11 television series. Some of her famous works includes “El  cover” (2021 film) as Moni, “La  cocinera de Castamar” (2021 TV series) as Amelia Castro, “Carlos , Rey Emperador” (2015-2016 TV series) as Margarita de Angulema, “El pueblo” (2019-2021 TV series) as Amaya, “La pecera de Eva” (2010-2011 TV series) as Sonia, and “Es  por tu bien” (2017 film) as Jazmin.

María Hervás is in a relationship

It’s still unclear if María Hervás is married or not, even though one of her Instagram captions used the phrase “…my father-in-law” with the name “Migue” in parentheses.

What we do know is she has a boyfriend named Miguel. There is no information about Miguel. But he once dedicated a loving message to María on her birthday. He referred to her as “My Little Witch” and thanked her for being his pillar and giving him everything…

You know, like lovers do.

Image source: Wikidata