Marc Swint – How Old, Movies, Relationship And Net Worth

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Marc Swint

If you have been a lover of Anime for some time now and have been wondering who is the owner or the voice actor behind some of your favorite anime movies or series that you have seen, we have a name for you – Marc Swint. Marc Swint is a voice actor and engineer nicknamed “Th3Engineer” as is his social media handle. Although he started his career trying his hands on modeling, it was in the entertainment industry that he made his name. He is mostly remembered for his appearance in the Anime “Abandon”.

Today, if you ever wonder who a voice actor is, it is not Marc Swint. But you can say Marc Swint and look smart. If you carry a deadpan face, you may get away with it as your listeners would suddenly think Marc Swint is one of the biggest voice artists they haven’t heard about. He isn’t but they don’t know that.

Here’s everything you need to

How Old Is Marc Swint?

Listening to animes whose voice Marc Swint offers, you may be forgiven to think he is some middle-aged man with a potbelly. Swint isn’t that old nor does he have a potbelly, that may as well be on its way but that is not the subject of this section. He was born Marcellus Swint on the 18th day of June, 1987 in Philadelphia city in the State of Pennsylvania. We have little information about his family, early life, and education.

He is 34 years old.

What Movies Did Swint Act?

Marc Swint is affiliated with Funimation Entertainment and NYAV Post under which he has made numerous movies as a voice actor. (A voice actor performs voice-overs to represent a character to an audience).

If you have ever seen the Anime movie, “Pokémon”, then he is the actor and voice behind the role of Kiawe. His hobbies include; Photography, reading, traveling and surfing the internet. For the records, he is a non-vegetarian. We will want to reveal some other things that you need to know about him in this write-up.

Besides his occupation as a professional voice actor, Marc Swint has been involved in the opening sequence of Anime Abandon (to which he is popularly known for) and also has a hand in the localization of ‘Street Fighter V’ where he starred as Necalli and many other collaborations he had with TeamFourStar.

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In this collaboration, he provided the voices of Rude from Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged, The captain and Willingham from Hella into Ultimate Unabridged and many more.

Other popular Anime movies that he has been part of the movie making, providing voice are; One Piece, Pokémon Sun and Moon, Pokémon Journeys: The series (2019) to date, to which he stars as Kiawe.

He was nominated in 2017 under the BTVA Video Game Voice Acting Award.

He has been active in the entertainment industry since the year 2009 till date.

Who is Marc Swint Dating?

At the exact moment, there is no record of any relationship that Marc Swint is currently into, not any that the public eye or media has been drawn to.

Marc Swint has successfully kept his personal life away from the press and public eye.

We are committed to providing you information about him and will update as soon as there is any further development.

He currently lives in the city of Dallas, Texas, United States of America.

What is Marc Swint’s Net Worth?

Think he will be worth a fortune? Well, you may have to rethink – money has never defined talents in the lower rungs of Hollywood Even at the very top, the richest guys are not usually the most talented. Although his exact net worth is not yet established accurately, he is not about to purchase an English soccer club.

Marc Swint estimated income is put between 500 thousand and one million dollars.

Image source: Otaku USA Magazine