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Good film stars don’t come with inscriptions on their foreheads, but there is one sure way to spot a good actor — feedbacks and remarks on their careers. Mara Hobel has been toiling in Hollywood for years. In 1981, she made the list of “Promising New Actors of the Year” alongside eleven other elegant actors in John Willis’ Screen World ratings. While most of the people who made the list with her moved on to take day jobs or retired, Mara has been consistent in her inconsistency, making tiny appearances here and there. Here is everything you need to know about the veteran star.

1. Mara Hobel Started Her Career As A Child

She was born as Mara Lynn Hobel in sprightly New York City on the 18th of June, 1971. Mara made her debut in Hollywood as an eight-year-old actress in the 1979 series, “Sorrow of Gin”. However, her remarkable breakthrough in the film industry came in the 1981 heart-warming drama, Mommie Dearest, which was adapted from a memoir with the same title written by American author, Christina Crawford. In Mommie Dearest, Mara plays the role of little Christina whose adoptive mother is very abusive, and so the movie is all about the emotional situations that connect mother to child.

After starring in Mommie Dearest, Mara Hobel became the talk of the town and that was when her listings as one of Hollywood’s most promising child actors of 1981 began to pour in. Two years later, Mara was back in the spotlight with a role in the celebrated play, “Moose Murders”, in which her performance got many positive reviews from critics. The two movies she appeared in as a child spurred her to pursue acting professionally as an adult.

2. How Successful Is She As An Adult?

The world has watched Mara Hobel grow into a five-foot-five (1.65) gorgeous beaut. However, she hasn’t much relevance in the film industry as much as her presence as a child commanded. Child actors get a lot of praises, movie producers most times label them the next big thing in the industry — but from experience, most child actors have failed to sustain the tempo or reward producers and fans with a good outing in a show.  Mara, had more activity in the ’80s and ’90s than she is having now. Although there were some tiny appearances in the late 2000’s but not what you would expect from an actress who was once made the Promising New Actors of the Year in the early 80’s.

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Mara’s latest film appearance came in 2019 in the TV series, Blue Bloods where she made a guest appearance. By 18th of June, 2021, Mara would turn fifty years old.

3. Awards and Nominations:

Mara does not lack when it comes to nominations, but she hasn’t really been able to notch an award out of the total of four nominations she has had in her acting career. Two of the most noteworthy nominations she had was in 1981, when she got nominated for the Golden Raspberry Awards (also known as the Razzies). This nomination is rather surprising because the awards are given to Hollywood’s worst actors in the previous year. Mara Hobel didn’t just get nominated once, but twice for the Worst Supporting Actress and Worst New Star of the year in the Razzies. However, she lost the award to a better contender, or would we say worse contender? Mara went from a promising actor to being in an award category of worst supporting actress or worst new star. It is difficult to say what happened to her but her career took a downward slope. While her career may have suffered, her personal life flourished. She married Mark Furer, and they have three children together – two sons and one daughter.

4. How rich is Mara Hobel?

Although she has a relatively high level of fame, Mara’s exact annual income isn’t known, but Business Insider estimates that the American actress is worth $1.5million — $3million. This figue is also debatable because she is not a regular actress these days except if the figure is coming from royalties earned.

5. Where is Mara Hobel now?

Following the start of the 2000s, Mara Hobel hasn’t been seen very much on the screen. And with such inactivity comes several rumors that she is dead. However, the facts are that she is still very much alive. Mara is making a life with Rising Star Productions where she is training young children to become good actors in the future or training children not to end up like her.

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