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Maps Maponyane

Maps Maponyane is probably everything that you are not. He is a TV presenter, actor, fashion designer, public speaker, model, creative consultant, voice-over artist, philanthropist, entrepreneur, businessman, etc. We could go on listing the things he is but as we have already included you in the mix, it would look like an indictment of what you are you and that isn’t cool; you are here to read a post not to be dissed.

Age and roots

Considering how long I have heard the name Maps Maponyane and how large his profile has always loomed, I should be forgiven for assuming he is one and a half times older than he truly is. Maps was born Masego Maponya in March 1990. He was born to Marks Maponyane and Sylvia Maponyane in Soweto, Gauteng, South Africa. He attended ‎St John’s College, a private all-boys school founded by the Anglicans at the end of the 19th century and based in Houghton, Johannesburg.

Maponyane is 30 years old.

Maps Maponyane – Career

Maps Maponyane’s career began as the assistant to Lucilla Booyzen, Founder of SA Fashion Week. It was have been while working with this modeling mogul that he began to consider going into the act himself.

He was in the romantic comedy film directed by the Nigerian Akin Omotosho “Tell Me Sweet Something”, a 2015 show that also has his great friend Nomzamo in the show. His career kicked off fully when he began to earn modeling gigs in 2009 after a couple of years knocking the door of the modeling world.

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He was also in the comedy series “The Real Jozi A-Listers”, a show he was the lead in and which featured fellow entertainers Da L.E.S, Trevor Gumbi, and his (Maps’) friend Tol-A$$-Mo.

As a socialite (I don’t know if a man should be called that, maybe he could be as I just did), he has made a name for himself. He was named GQ’s “Best Dressed Man” in 2011 and two years later, he Cosmopolitan Magazine named him the “Sexiest South African Man” in 2013.

Maps Maponyane’s relationships

Maps Maponyane dated actress Nomzamo Mbatha of “Isibaya” fame. We don’t know when the two began dating but we know when they broke up which was in 2018. They broke up because Maps was accused of cheating with numerous ladies. One of the ladies he was said to have had an affair with was Cape Town blogger and Social Media Nadia Jaftha.

It must be pointed out that neither Maps nor Nomzamo affirmed the dating or the split to the general public. But we know.

Maps seemed to have moved on with. In March 2020, he shared a pic of himself hugging a lady whose back was shown. Many thought she was Nomzamo which pleased fans. It later turned out to be Naledi Radebe.  Before he tagged Naledi to the post, some bloggers had already bought the “hoax” and carried the news that the Maps and Ms. Mbatha were together.

Apparently angered by this, Nomzamo went to Twitter to kick.  “Not now. Not ever. Masego, Stop taking advantage of my silence and choice to be graceful through it all. Shake this can one more time and I’ll open it. @MapsMaponyane you made your bed. Lie in it,” she wrote.

Maps hasn’t shaken the can again.

Maps has been linked with Boity Thulo the music and reality star. The link when he appeared on her reality show “Boity: Own Your Throne” and appeared to have kissed her. Fans went frenzy on Social Media. “There is no vibes between me and Maps, we are homies. Geez!” She said. She did admit that they were close. “We are not cozy. We are friends. We are comfortable.”

But she didn’t stop there. “He is single, I am assuming. I am single. Why don’t we just get married? We would look cute together. Our kids would be really pretty. We would be a power couple.”

“No, I am joking,” Boity added spoiling the ship many already envisioned for the two.

It seemed the flirting didn’t end there as she tweeted, in June 2021, “Can’t wait for my husband to leave R100K on my dressing table for brunch with the girls” for which Maps responded, “I gotta go to work”.

Maps Mapanyone is best friends with Tol-A$$-Mo the music star.

In May 2020, the rapper Cassper Nyovest was hit on Twitter and accused of being gay for calling Maps’ “charmer boy” in a photo the latter shared of the two on Twitter.

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