Maisie Richardson-Sellers: Three Most Important Facts

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Maisie Richardson-Sellers

Maisie Richardson-Sellers is one of those actresses and model who carries on the family’s tradition. She has not been around in the acting industry for a long but she has made some waves in already. Now that we have decided to look back to her career and personal life, there is no one more suitable to join us than you.  You are here, here are the three most important facts about Maisie Richard-Sellers.

1. Maisie Richardson-Sellers grew up in the theater

Maisie Richardson-Sellers owes a large part of her success to her parents who were both stage actors and she knows it. Her mother’s name is Joy Richardson while her father’s name is not available at the moment. Maisie has not revealed if she has other siblings. Her parents played a vital role in preparing Maisie for the acting career and long before she was admitted to high school. Maisie had already started seeing herself as an actress, following her long visits to the theater where her parents performed.

Maisie attended the Girls School of James Alleyn where she participated in classical and modern plays.  After her graduation, she attended Oxford University where she participated in classical and modern plays. She also made her debut as a director while at Oxford when she directed these plays “Mephisto”, “Chatroom”, and “There Will Be Red”. She obtained a BA Hons in Anthropology and Archaeology and moved back to London.

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Since acting has been her passion as a child, she pushed her shiny certificate aside to pursue her acting career. Maisie Richardson-Sellers was born on March 2, 1992, in England. She is 27 years old. Although she has not appeared in many films, there are series she has starred in and we never saw it coming.

2. Maisie Richardson-Sellers career began in 2012

Maisie has always been in the theater and has even directed a play, acting was never a new thing to her. However, she landed her first acting gig in 2012 when she appeared in the short film “Our First World”. Her role in the film cannot even be described as a minor role. It was one of those invisible roles where you’d notice she played a part in the film when the credits roll over the screen.

Maisie Richard-Sellers appeared in another short film in 2013, but unlike the first, she had a role this thing. She played the Ellie in the film “Americano and Rum”. The film tells the story of how a detective who was hired to spy on someone’s girlfriend, but in the process became obsessed with her.

Maisie big moment in acting came when she passed the audition to replace Claire Holt as Rebekah Mikaelson in the CW series “The Originals”. Prior before she landed the role, many thought that replacing Claire Holt would be difficult but Maisie handed the role of Rebekah Mikaelson so well to the surprise of many. She was just 21 then, already making a bright start.

Amongst thousands of actresses that auditioned for the role of Korr Sella in the epic space-opera film “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, Maisie landed the role. Perhaps she knows her to prepare for auditions or she has always been favored by fortune.

Maisie appeared in the ABC television drama film based on the Biblical book “Of Kings and Prophets” where she played the role of King Saul of Israel’s daughter Michal. She is currently enjoying herself in the acting industry in the superhero series “Legends of Tomorrow” as Charlie. Her filmography might be short but it has so much content and weight.

3. She is a gay

Finding a gay actress in the acting business is not rare, in fact, many homosexual actresses have embraced their sexuality openly. Maisie Let Troy burn. She is also a rock in raising awareness for support of the LGBTQ+ and women’s rights problems.

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She is currently dating a lady-musician named Clay. Clay is an activist, a singer, and a writer. The duo has shared their cozy images in their social media accounts a number of times with captions like “Love is Love” and “Happy Pride London”.

While Maisie is excited about her relationship with Clay, her financial worth should also make her proud. Maisie has a net worth of 2 million dollars from a few of the films she has appeared, including a quiet modeling career. Its good to see how her career is panning out for and we would want to know how she will bow out from the acting industry.

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