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Lyric Anderson

Lyric Anderson, not to be mistaken for Lyrica Anderson (the American R&B singer, and songwriter), was born on September 30, 1994, in New York City, New York, United States.

She is the oldest daughter of Tami Anderson (born to an African American mother and a Puerto Rican father) and Kenny Anderson, an African American. She has a younger sister named Jazz Anderson, who graduated from the University Of Texas, Austin in 2018 and is a HipHop Rapper.

Lyric Anderson has half-siblings from her father’s other marriage: Christy Anderson and Kenny Anderson Jr. Lyric Anderson and her sister are Afro Puerto Ricans. Or whatever they call the mix of African American and Puerto Ricans.

Lyric Anderson was Born into a Celebrity Family

Lyric Anderson’s mother, Tami Roman (born Tamisha Akbar), is an American television personality, model, businesswoman, and actress popular for featuring in episodes of the TV-Show “Basketball Wives”. Her father, Kenny Anderson (born Kenneth Anderson) is an American former professional basketball player who played point guard professionally from 1991 to 2006, mostly in the National Basketball Association. He is presently working as a coach for Fisk University’s basketball team.

Tami and Kenny Anderson tied the knot on 26th August 1994, but the union only lasted for about seven years as they went their separate ways in 2001.

Kenny Anderson went on to marry Tamiyka Lockhart in 2002 but the relationship only saw two basketball seasons and they called it quit in 2004. Kennt Anderson remarried for the third time in 20007 to Natasha Anderson and is still married to her today. Hopefully, the third time is a charm.

Tami Anderson didn’t remarry until 2018. She settled with a former NFL football player, Reggie Youngblood, presently known as a TV and Radio personality and a business owner. Just like his last name, he is very young compared to Tami Anderson.

She Modeled as a Kid

At a very young age, Lyric Anderson’s mother introduced her to the modeling world. She modeled for brands like Baby Phat and Payless Shoes when she was with Ford Models.

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As the young beauty grew much older she also modeled for Jennifer Williams’ clothing line “Classy Girl Wardrobe” which was a success. Having found a career path, Lyric Anderson tried to move up her modeling career by entering a famous American modeling show America’s Next Top Model.

Sadly, this didn’t go well for her as she was eliminated in the first round. But that didn’t stop her from pursuing other dreams she had.

Lyric Anderson Changed Careers

Lyric Anderson decided to pursue acting as a new career. She studied with the popular acting coach Troy Rowland and quickly made a name for herself on the short film “circuit”. Lyric has appeared in the critically acclaimed Troy Shawn “Welcome Project” and secured the lead role in the film festival hit “Sundays At Noon” in 2013 which she was also a co-writer.

Her most recent work is the ongoing TV Series “Haus of Vicious” where she plays the role of Tia. The story captures the life of an iconic New York City fashion mogul/fashion magazine maven, her narcissistic husband, and her under-appreciated staff as they tread the steeps of the fashion world. The first season premiered on August 19th, 2022 on BET.

The young actress released a series of videos on Instagram titled “Bonnet Chronicles” which was later produced as a scripted series on TIDAL with the same title in 2018. She played the role of Young Betty in the web series which captures the life of the Instagram persona “Petty Betty” who tries to keep herself above her wacky family as she pursues a career in comedy.

She starred alongside her mother, Tami Roman, Tiffany Black, and Ray Grady.

Lyric Anderson also appeared in several episodes of the TV Series “Basketball Wives” alongside her mother in 2010. She faced criticism for her hair on an episode of TV-Show, during which her mother publicly apologized to her and promised not to make her feature on the show again.

She was also in her mother’s show “Tami Ever After” in 2019.

The actress speaks French, and she intends to pursue international opportunities.

Image source: IMDb