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Lota Chukwu

You know her as Kiki, or Oofuni, her parents called her Ugwu Lotachukwu Jacinta Obianuju Amelia. A mouthful. Onset, she’s just Lota Chukwu. How much do you know about the diva? Here are five facts about her, for you.

1. She got her role in Jenifa’s Diary by chance

Jenifa’s Diary is Lota’s first break. Prior to that, the Nsukka native and Benin City-bred talent hadn’t been on set before. Perhaps, primary school playlets, nothing serious. How then did she make it from primary school drama to being a major character in a hit TV series? By chance. The gods tossed dice and her face appeared on it. Not exactly. Close.

“It felt surreal,” she told Tush Magazine in an interview; “and it took some getting used to. I went there that day, but not with the intention to audition. I went there to cheer my friends up. My friends and I were just about to finish Royal Arts. I saw one of my teachers there and he was like, ‘Go and write your name’ and I said ‘No, I just came to cheer my friends up’ and then my teacher said that if I didn’t go to sign up for the audition, I shouldn’t say hi to him.

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“My friends were like on number 20, 21, etc. and I was among the 80s. I ended up getting auditioned at about 4 pm when almost everybody had left and as luck would have it when it was my turn, Funke Akindele was already there to watch the auditions. And then I did it, and she gave me a callback and gave me the role I was to be playing.”

Just like that. Lota Chukwu has gone on to play a part in other movies such as Fine Girl, the Arbitration, Iyore, The Wind Chaser et cetera.

2. Lota Chukwu has had her share of slanders

Early 2017, a site, playground.ng posted 15 facts about her they purported to have copied from her website. They didn’t provide a link to this site. However, they made a serious claim about her on the fourth “fact”. “I’m a single mum with 4 kids I’d do anything for. And I have a boyfriend called Andre and he’s a 2004 Toyota rav4.”

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The eighth “fact” did not flatter her.”I’m a hopeless romantic with a filthy mind. And that’s putting it mildly on both counts.” Since scandals sell, the post went viral. Lota Chukwu came online to debunk these claims, most especially the four children version.

“I don’t have kids, not One, not Two and definitely not Four,” she wrote.

Born on November 29, 1989, she was 27 when this rumor was posted. She was already a graduate of Agricultural Economics and Extension, bagged from the University of Benin and has been on the set of “Jenifa’s Diary” since 2014. For this rumor to lay any claim at the truth, the site might as well point out and say that she got these babies via laying of eggs.

3. Men won’t stop toasting her

In early 2018, Lota Chukwu told Punch Newspaper that men won’t stop making advances at her. Could anyone blame them? She is famous, she keeps fit, she is beautiful with long legs and those eyes. Long legs wrapped around sweaty waist. Tiny waves of electricity down the spine. Soft breasts on a heartbeat. The stuff of dreams.

Or maybe, they are just looking for a Bible Study partner. Someone whose hand they can hold and recite the ten commandments.

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How is Lota Chukwu taking this? She’s not making a fuss about this as she points out it is normal for men to make advances. The only problem for her is when they try to force it.

4. Her biggest fear is growing fat someday

What is your greatest fear? For many Nigerian artistes, returning to poverty where a large chunk of them came from keeps them awake at night, little wonder, then, they sing so much about bad belle people and so many “I don make am”. For Kiki, growing fat is her biggest worry for which she takes so much to fitness. She gave this away in a chat with Sunday Scoop.

“I enjoy yoga because it helps me to stay in shape and it also helps to relax my mind. I exercise a lot and I also pay attention to what I consume, when and how I consume such food.”

There’s an element of enjoyment in her exercises but the biggest enjoyment remains in the frame of her slim body.

5. Lota Chukwu is a crazy for fashion

Kiki can be simple when she wants but mostly she dresses to slay. Even when she appears in an unfancied shirt and jean trousers, a lot of time and deliberation go into it. And she has the kind of figure that suits fashion. Her favorite wears are shoes and she owns a ton of them.

Bonus fact: Lota is an Arsenal fan. Arsene Wenger is no longer a coach which leads to another bonus fact: She is happy. Oh no, she isn’t. Unai Emery is worse. And now Ljungberg. She is screwed all-round.



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