Lola Rae: Five Fast Facts

Lola Rae

Rachel Akosua Funmilola Garton known on stage as Lola Rae released “Biko” in which she featured Davido in late 2016. Nearly seven million views, on Youtube, are not a bad return for a relatively new artiste. She is fresh like that. Here are five fast facts about the star.

1. Lola Rae began her career in the UK

She was born in Nigeria, she was born to a British father and a Ghanaian mother in Obalande among three sisters. She lived and studied in Nigeria until she was fifteen; she left for the United Kingdom where she studied at Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design.

It was in the UK, as a dancer, in 2010 that her career started. She was a member of the group Mystikal which went as far as the semis in British Got Talent. The talents got signed to a British record label. “Despite the fact that I was signed to a record label in England, I still had it at the back of my mind that I don’t want to live in England,” the artiste told the Tribune in an interview. This is when “a guy called Rotimi” came to her life and trained her on the intricacies of the Nigerian music system.

In December 2012, the singer released her song “Watch My Tingo”.

2. Asa and Lagbaja are her mentors

Since the act is into Afro Pop and occasionally delves into jazz, her two most influential acts are the “Jailer” crooner Asha and Afrobeat legend Lagbaja. “I love Asa and Lagbaja,” she admitted in the interview. “In fact, I really love Lagbaja’s music; he used to come to my parents’ parties without his mask.”

Lagbaja not only performed for her parents and friends, but he was also a family friend. Perhaps this is where she got her Afro inspiration from.

The artiste did not disclose whether she has met Asa or not and whether they mentor her with their songs, from afar, the case of Lagbaja is clear. She never met him. Her father promised to arrange a meeting for the two. While she was waiting, death ended the promise when her father passed away in 2013.

3. Lola Rae wants to be the female Wizkid

The art began performing in her teenage period and released her first song before she clocked 23. Something she has in common with Wizkid. While she loves Asa and admires what Tiwa Savage, Waje, Seyi Shay and Omawumi does and the height they have attained, it is to the star boy that she looks up to as the optimum height to attain.

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“Just as Wizkid is could be described as the young chap making waves in the entertainment scene, especially among the male counterparts, I want to represent Wizkid of the female fold booming the industry.”

4. She is Tekno Miles’ Baby Mama

Wave making musician Tekno and Lola have been dating on a low key since at least 2017. The relationship took a new dimension when the rising star gave birth, in May 2018, of a baby girl. Tekno wrote on Instagram: “I am proud to be called a dad. Thank you once again for putting things together.”

Then the controversy began. Popular blogger, Noble Igwe tweeted: “He made you stay back away from music to have a baby but he stayed back to push his hustle. #Life.” The couple ignored the shade and Noble Igwe’s conscience might have pricked him or maybe the outrage of his post might have hit a soft spot for he came out to tell The Punch “My tweet wasn’t directed at them.”

2017 Big Brother Naija housemate Uriel joined the fray when she wrote on Instagram mentioning that Lola is a mother not a baby mama and that people shading her would not have helped her career if she had reached out to them. This post is not directed at Noble Igwe, she punctuated her thoughts with.

5. Lola Rae will go nude if she has to

While Lola Rae admits she is from a religious home and would only consider a God-fearing man (hey Tekno, show your face) for a relationship, some of her views will make her pastor wince. The artist whose selling point, she said, is her petite stature which people love won’t hesitate to go nude if she had to. “I am not saying one has to go naked, but you just have to give your fans the best.”

And if the best has to do with revealing a chunk of laps and glands, she will.

Bonus Fact: Lola Rae is signed to Davido Music Worldwide (DMW) being the first lady to be legally bound with the label.

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