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Liz Torres

Liz Torres was an Emmy nominee in 1994 and 1995 for her portrayal of Mahalia Sanchez on NBC’s “The John Larroquette Show”. While she has achieved success as an actor, Liz started her career as a comedienne and singer. How much of her do you know including her battle with weight loss and marriage to Peter Locke. Here is everything about her here.

Liz Torres: Age and early life

Liz Torres is from Bronx New York City.  She was born on September 27, 1947, Liz is Puerto Rican-American. Not much is known about her upbringing, however, she received her primary and secondary school education in New York City. Liz found her foot in comedy and started performing in small gatherings in New York City as a comedian, it didn’t take long before she added singing to her resume.

Liz was discovered by the producer of Johnny Carson’s “The Tonight Show” who invited her to do a stand-up comedy skit on the show. Her career in the showbusiness began to take shape when she played the role of a prostitute in a low-budget movie titled “Utterly Without Redeeming Social Value.”

Liz Torres is 74 years old.

Liz Torres: Career

Liz Torres played the role of Morticia Addams in The Addams Family Fun House, which was a musical version of the original series. From 1975 to 1976, she was also a regular cast member on the CBS sitcom, Phyllis, Cloris Leachman’s spin-off series from “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” where she succeeded the late Barbara Colby in the role of Julie Erskine.

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Never giving up on her singing career as well, she recorded a disco music single called “Hustle Latino” on RCA Records. In 1976, Liz played “Cat” in TV’s musical special Pinocchio starring Sandy Duncan, as well as a semi-regular panelist on “Break the Bank”. In early 1981, she co-starred opposite Marla Gibbs in “Checking In”, a short-lived spin-off of “The Jeffersons”.

She had the recurring role on “All in the Family” as Teresa Betancourt, a wise-cracking nurse who checked Archie into the hospital when he needed a gallbladder operation and then became a boarder at the Bunker house. She also guest-starred on “Starsky & Hutch”, “Love”, “American Style”, “Hill Street Blues”, “L.A. Law”, “Knots Landing”, “Mama’s Family”, “Tracey Takes On” and “The Nanny”.

Liz Torres has been nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for her performance on “The Famous Teddy Z”. In theater, she has appeared in “The Ritz” as Googie Gomez and “Man of La Mancha” as Aldonza. Also, she has appeared in “The House of Blue Leaves” as Bunny, and” A Million To Juan” in 1994 as Mrs. Delgado.

After a guest-starring appearance as a deceased singer-turned-angel on the Donald P. Bellisario drama series “Quantum Leap”, Liz Torres had a recurring role on another Bellisario show, “Tequila and Bonetti”, as a psychic who hears the dog Tequila’s thoughts.

In December 2021, the entertainment website Collider ranked the most memorable characters in “Gilmore Girls”. Liz Torres was ranked second, for “her bold flirtatiousness, saucy one-liners, and overall zest for life make her one of Stars Hollow’s most memorable and most lovable residents.” They added that “the outrageous stories of her glamorous past as a dancer to her seemingly endless string of husbands, Miss Patty is the portrait of grand theatricality in a small town.”

Liz was bested in the ranking only by Sean Gunn who played Kirk in the show.

Facts about Hanna Hall

In 1997, Torres co-starred alongside Annie Potts in the short-lived CBS sitcom, “Over the Top”. She later co-starred on “First Monday and American Family”. From 2000 until the series’ end in 2007, she was a semi-regular cast member of “Gilmore Girls”, on which she played Stars Hollow’s resident dance teacher, Patty LaCosta. She is still active in the entertainment industry.

Liz Torres: Weight Loss, Marriage, and Net Worth

When Liz attended the premiere of Gilmore Girls on November 18, 2016, everyone was surprised to see her new body physique. The actress was said to have started losing weight around 2010 after she shared in an interview about changes in her diet, exercise, and work-life balance.

Liz Torres is married to Peter Locke who is a movie producer and founder of The Kushner-Locke Company. They got married in 1974 and together, they reside in Los Angeles. Liz has a net worth of 5 million dollars.

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