Lia Beldam – Three Major Facts Revealed

Lia Beldam

Lia Beldam is a former Swiss actress whose work, despite being old, is still referenced today. What could be nicer than people wanting to know about you or your work after so many years?

Lia Beldam is known for playing the role of Lorraine Massey in the 1980 Stanley Kubrick film adaptation of the 1977 Stephen King novel “The Shining.”

A lot has happened since her debut in the movie industry, but we won’t bore you with all the details. We’ve summed up the main points into three major facts just for you.

Lia Beldam’s age

Lia Beldam was born and raised in 1944 in Zurich, Switzerland. There, she attended secretarial college after her primary education and did her work experience in a couture house. Lia modeled a couple of times but later left for London to study English.

After her partial retirement from acting in the 1990s, Lia settled in the middle of nowhere with her family, surrounded by fields, sheep, and cows.  Lia started making ceramic pots but later decided to go back to modeling. This time, for old people.

Lia Beldam passed away on 23rd August 2021 after a brief ailment. She died at age 77.

Lia Beldam was a model

Lia was a regular office woman before he attained stardom. She worked as an interpreter and later, Lia started work in a patent office. While at the patent office, a co-worker introduced Lia to an Uncle who was one of the top Photographers in London.

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It was through him Lia got a job at a modeling agency, she started as a catwalk model for catwalk shows. Lia Beldam later changed to photographic modeling. The type with lots of nude beauty advertising. She focused solely on photographic work until she was discovered by a product who picked her for a nude role in “The Shining.”

Lia also appeared in “Ready Player One” as a pretty Naked Girl (2018 uncredited), and “Mr. Skin’s Favorite Horror Movie Nude Scenes” (2016).

Lia Belma lost her first husband

Old celebrities didn’t have the luxury of hiding their personal life from the public, however poor documentation was a problem. Lia’s was the latter.

Lia Beldam got married to her husband when she was twenty-one years old, just immediately after she graduated from college. They had a son together, eight years after her role with “The Shining”. When Lia’s son was just 7 years old, she lost her husband.

Lia Beldam was alone with her son for a while until she finally married an old friend of her family.

Image source: The Movie Database