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Lauren Sivan

Lauren Sivan is not what you would call an A-list star. In fact, she is more of a newscaster than an actress. But when she featured on screen, she made good movies which are not what can be said of many in Hollywood. These movies, however, are not why she hit national limelight. Her name made the rounds when she came out and accused Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault.

And because you asked, here are the full details of her biography.

Birth and early life

Lauren Sivan was born in Long Island, California. Her middle name is Paige but as three names don’t usually echo at Hollywood she goes without Paige.

Sivan studied at George Washington University; she studied political science and journalism. When she left the university in Washington, she returned to her home university in Long Island and bagged a post-graduate degree in homeland security.

Lauren Sivan: Career in news and movies

Sivan’s work experience started with her home station, News 12 Long Island. Then she worked with WTEM-18 in New York before moving to the Fox News. Sivan has gone on to win nominations and awards for her coverages, the chief of them being her coverage of the Israel/Lebanon Conflict and the Mexican Immigration crisis of 2006.

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On the screen aspect, Sivan’s appearances are limited and may be counted in the fingers of one hand. One of her most known movies is the “Murder of a Cat”, an independent comic thriller produced by Sam Raimi and starring Fran Kranz. While Lauren Sivan featured in this movie, she wasn’t named in the main cast. She wasn’t that big and there is no indication that this has changed.

Lauren Sivan has also appeared in the movies “Transcendence” and “Taken 3” from 2014, and “Hotel Artemis” from 2018.

The Harvey Weinstein controversy

In October 2017, the New York Times published a report that detailed sexual assaults and misconducts of business tycoon and Fox Channel, dating back decades. Two actresses, Rose McGowan and Ashley Judd, collaborated the story.

Weinstein apologized for causing some women pain but disputed the gory details and even went as far as asking his lawyers to sew the New York Times. But his lawyer resigned her position before he could sue the paper.

Before the end of the month, more and more celebrities came out to accuse Weinstein or to lend support to the ones who already came forward. Some of the stars who came forward included famous stars Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie. And one of the celebrities to condemn Weinstein was a certain Barack Obama.

In all, more than 80 women accused Weinstein of various degrees of assaults from making crude remarks to outright rapes. Sivan came out to tell her own story. She said she was afraid of the power he wielded over the media and didn’t want to get to the wrong books of the powers that be.

What is Lauren Sivan up to now?

Romantically, we have no idea. We knew she was engaged to marry Fox reporter Rick Leventhal. The marriage didn’t happen as the two broke the engagement without a word of explanation to us, the accursed public. Leventhal had previously married. His ex-wife Penny Daniels is the mother of his two daughters. He is currently married to Beth Shak.

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Lauren Sivan is no longer with Fox. She left because she hated the weather in the City of New York. She moved to Los Angeles to work for  KTTV, a TV station owned and operated by the Fox Network. Los Angeles makes sense as Sivan has continued to pursue her movie career.

Sivan is worth more than one million dollars. She has done well for herself and we believe she is working to maintain that.

Image source: Business Insider

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