Lara Wendel – Everything We Need You To Know About Her

Lara Wendel

Lara Wendel is a German former actress who mostly spent her years in Italy, because Italy was where she got the opportunity to display her talents to the world. She is an old timer but made a difference in most of her films, she was a little bit popular during her prime, new kids in the block might not knoe her very much.  Wendel is an American, but a huge part of her still adores Germany, Munich to be precised.

As of 2020, Lara Wendel is currently 56 years old, she was born 29 March 1965, she was born initially as Daniela Barnes,  Lara Wendel in her days was widely known for the role she played as Diara Rhodes in Ring Of Darkness 1979, and Ghosthouse in 1988, Lara Wendel was active right from 1972 till 1993.

Lara Wendel Parents

Lara Wendel mother hails from Germany, her father is from the U.S, her mother was also a German actress named Britta Wendel, most of the experience she has was gotten from her mother, the whole family were known for acting films, and her father was also a film actor and mostly known in his days as an American football player named Walt Barnes, they brought up Lara Wendel as an actress right from when she was tender and it payed off.

She started her first main role at the age 12 in the controversial erotic drama Maladolescenza in 1977, it might not be one of those much promising starts as she featured on the turf of the entertainment genre (erotic drama) but it was a start and her role was’nt bad.

Lara Wendel’s Career

Lara Wendel started modeling for commercials at the age of 4, her motion picture debut was made in the Tonino Valerii’s giallo film My Dear Killer in 1972 at the age of seven. In 1972, Lara Wendel featured as Mario Adorf’s daughter Rita in Manhunt, and the film was directed by Fernando Di Leo, in 1974, she acted as the young Silvia in The Perfume of the Lady in Black which was directed by Francesco Barilli.

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She started her first main role at the age 12 in the controversial erotic drama Maladolescenza in 1977, the film involved both simulated sex and nudity among children (preadolescents), Lara Wendel also featured in other Akward films, noted by their plots including incest and inappropriate connection between adolescents and adults, such as Little Girl In Blue Velvet in 1978, Mimi 1979, and Desideri la vita interiore 1980. She was known for acting horror films which she had great passion for as a child.

She continued to be active in horror film till the year 1982. Lara worked with Dario Argento in Tenebrae, in 1986 she worked with Lamberto Bava in Midnight Killer, in 1988, she worked with Joe D’Amato in Killing Birds and in 1988 worked with Umberto Lenzi in Ghosthouse, among others.

She also appeared in a number of art films, as well as Federico Fellini’s Intervista in 1987 and Michelangelo Antonioni’s identification of a Woman in 1982. Lara Wendel also appeared on a TV-series La Piovra it was the second season of the Television show and she played a notable role in the TV-series. In 1991, she made her last film, and it was the erotic drama titled Husband and Lovers which was pioneered by Mauro Bolognini’s, Lara Wendel retired at the age of 26, she retired at a very young age.

No one knows the reason for her early retirement but as of the time she left the acting scene, there were whispers that she decided to leave the acting scene so early because some people were making her go against her wish by featuring in erotica dramas. she never uttered a word about this but she did one thing; Lara left the acting industry through the same door she entered- the erotica way.

Image source: Indiatimes