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LaMonica Garrett is an actor and a former Slamball player. If you have never heard of Slamball, you are not alone. I have two degrees and pursuing a master’s and I only heard of Slamball as I was researching this post. We learn every day, so this is it: Slamball is a rough contact sport with shovings and collisions just like football but it is based on basketball with four trampolines in front of each net and boards around the court edge. I have now typed dozens of words but I don’t still know what I am talking about. Whatever the sports is and however it is played, it doesn’t seem to pay so much, it doesn’t seem like it paid LaMonica Garratt so much because while he was still a Slamball player and being a top one for that matter and in the All Slamball Team, he was still seeking to get into the entertainment business which he finally did and it is as a result of this that we know him and now write about it.

LaMonica Garrett – age

LaMonica was born in San Francisco, California on the 23rd of May, 1975. He set to have been named after the legendary Oakland Raiders quarterback Daryle Lamonica. His parents were fans (but why they decided to spell theirs with bold letter M we will never know). While he was in high school the family moved to Los Angeles. Now in Burbank High School, LaMonica intensified his football playing and went on to play for the junior university team. According to LaMonica Garrett, he was never promoted to the university team because of his bad attitude. He later transferred to Central State University in Ohio.

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Garrett made the university team here but while he felt he was ready and applied for NFL and had trials with the Detroit Lions and the Los Angeles Rams, he was never picked. In place of this, Garrett got involved with Slamball which he later did professionally.

LaMonica Garrett is 44 years old.

LaMonica Garrett – career

LaMonica became an actor in 2008 when he was selected to star in an episode of “One Tree Hill” the drama series on The CW. This was because the episode had a Slamball storyline and they needed a professional Slamball player to pull it off. But this turned out to be the first of many appearances for him. Between 2011 and 2014, LaMonica was in “Sons of Anarchy” for 17 episodes. For the next few years, he was part of shows in small capacities. He hit it big in 2016 when he began to play a part in “Designated Survivor” the political thriller on ABC which stars the Jack Bauer legendary actor Kiefer Sutherland. LaMonica poured his talent on the show for 38 episodes across three years.

It can be said that 2018 was the year he hit the highest pedestal in his career. He was in DC Comics “Arrow”, in “Supergirl” on CBS, in “The Flash” on The CW, in “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” and, more recently, “Batwoman”. He usually starts as a guest star and then transfers to a part of the main cast.

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On the movie side, LaMonica Garrett was in “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” from 2011 directed by Michael Bay then in “Primal” (2018) and in “Clemency” (2019). Garrett has three video games titles to his name the most recent being “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” released in 2019.

Height and net worth

LaMonica Garrett’s life should inspire many people who have been having problems making it in life. He tried to get into Football, he failed, he got into Slamball a hybrid of football and basketball and while he was successful, the money wasn’t pouring in decided to try his hands in entertainment and this was when he hit it. Words on the internet are that LaMonica Garrett is worth two million dollars. This might be very small when compared with people who earn as much as 70 million dollars. But who are we to judge we who have less than a hundred dollars in our accounts (this is not a diss on you but the truth is that one of us is worth less than 100 dollars and his name is not LaMonica Garrett).

LaMonica Garrett stands at 6 feet 2½ inches (or 1.89 m).

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