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Laia Manzanares

Actors and Actresses are the reflections of the stories they portray which in turn are generally the reflection of the society we live in. Most times, these actors end up becoming everything super cool even much larger than life for their fans around the globe. Also, with the increasing love for entertainment, the power of cinema shows, actors are no longer restricted to one particular country or place.

Laia Manzanares, who is an actress known to have changed a lot of lives through her acting. How well do you know Laia Manzanares? I’m not sure you know Laia Manzanares if you don’t know these facts about her. Here are five fast facts you may not know about this Spanish actress, Laia Manzanares.

1. Where and When was Laia Manzanares born?

Spanish actress, Laia Manzanares was born in Barcelona city of Catalonia, Spain on the 30th of March in the year 1994. This Spanish actress was born into a mixed background family, her father was a Valencian while her mum was a Catalan. 

2. What inspired her to venture into acting?

Laia Manzanares was greatly inspired to start the acting profession after watching a movie display titled “Kill Bill (Volume 1) “, according to her bio, she was inspired after seeing Uma Thurman who acted as “Beatrix” in the movie. She was greatly impressed by the actions Uma Thurman displayed in the movie that she began to think of how she could inspire people the same way Uma Thurman inspired her.

Meanwhile, she attended the following institutions where she made plans towards achieving her goals as a career Lady, the institutions include the institute Públic XXV Olimpiada, a high school, she also attended Col·legi de theatre.

3. Her Movies and Television performance

Laia Manzanares became popular through movies like Meril which was a 2015 film,  Proyecto, a 2017 film and Sostre a 2018 film. She also acted as the sexy girl in the film produced by Tame Impala. Laia Manzanares’s appearance in the television series titled “Meril” was a major breakthrough towards the progress of her career, the 2015 movie “Meril”  was a Catalan television series which was basically about a philosophy tutor that encouraged her scholars to think freely.

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The Meril movie series had its première on the 14th day of September in the year 2015, the series ran until the 15th day of January in the year 2018 when its 3rd and concluding season was announced.

Coming into her theatre roles, Laia Manzanares has acted a role portraying the character of Amanda Todd ( Amanda Todd was a Canadian teenager who reportedly committed suicide due to alleged cyberbullying and revenge porn) in a drama display titled “Amanda T for the TNC youth theatre” Laia Manzanares in all her movies tries to inspire people by her action, of course, that was her aim of venturing into the acting profession.

4. Is Laia Manzanares single or married?

Laia Manzanares has also decided to keep her relationship life private as many celebrities are now finding it ideal to keep their relationship and family out of the limelight and the gossip of various social media users and the public at large.

As much as we know, Manzanares Laia does not seem to have a romantic relationship with a guy, though we cannot say for sure whether she is dating or not. However, speculations shows that she is  more focused on building her career goals and the results are surely encouraging

5. Other wonderful talents Manzanares Laia has asides her acting career

Apart from being a well-known gifted actress, Laia is also known for her ability to dance and sing, in fact, she is particularly good at showing cool  hip hop displays.
Manzanares Laia was a famous face in the show tagged “Tame Impala” also in the music display “The Less I Know The Better” video display clip, where she acted the role of a cheerleader who was supposedly in a romantic relationship with a basketball player  A display clip which had a video of the
the song was shared to “Vevo channel” which helped in generating awareness and it got popular.

Another quality that you may find worthy to note is that Manzanares Laia is good at speaking many languages, she speaks the English language, French language, Canadian and even Catalan language to mention but a few. She has good contacts with various cultures and is always ready to Learn something new.

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