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Lady Zamar

Life was good when Lady Zamar started her career in the music industry, but I’m writing her profile in 2020 when the world is facing a global pandemic with bars, event centers, and concerts been shut for months. This means a lot of people haven’t left their houses much, and all, of course, are to attend a large gathering where music blasts and where Lady Zamar could perform. Until there is a vaccine we may never see live performances with crowds. But with Lady Zamar, we may not need to see her perform anything soon to appreciate the force she has been in the music front. Here is everything you need to know about the star.

1. Lady Zamar was raised in a mixed cultural home

Lady Zamar was born as Yamikani Janet Banda to a Malawian father and South African mother on July 19, 1987, in Tembisa East Rand Gauteng, South Africa but was raised in Mamelodi (in which the popular football club Mamelodi Sundowns is based in and named after) also in Tshwane in the Gauteng province. She is 33 years old. According to the singer, her parents had language differences in raising her and her siblings but they raised them in love which pretty seems to be a universal language. She embraced her two cultures even with the heavy criticisms that she doesn’t sound like a Tembisa-born because of her near American accent.

One of her childhood dreams was to be a teacher or lecturer but she changed her mind after releasing a couple of songs that drew widespread attention.

2. Music runs in her family blood

Lady Zamar revealed that singing was part of the family ritual when she was a child. His parents can sing but they never made a career out of it. Speaking with ZAlebs in an interview, he said “My dad absolutely loved singing and being our vocal coach and tutor. My mum loved family worship and whenever she had those, she would have us singing hymn notes and my dad was very particular about how you would sing. He would always put us in musicals, always insisted that we watch musical shows, I remember watching the Phantom of the Opera, it was a three-hour show and I was moved beyond,”.

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Perhaps this statement explains the reason why she was given the name Yamikani which means “praise” in Chewa. Also, Zamar means to “praise, sing or worship” in the Hebrew language.

3. Lady Zamar started her career with Junior Taurus

Lady Zamar started her music career with Junior Taurus and together they released the album “Cotton Candy” the track Memelodi went viral. The album was a commercial success and made her popular. The album was released on the 14th of October 2015 under the music label Cap City Records consisting of 11 songs. Universal Music (Pty) Limited produced the album. The album won The South African Music Award in the category of Best Dance Album. and was nominated for the South African Music Award under the category Best Duo and Best Group of the Year.

But she decided to go independent and released her first solo album in 2017 she titled “King Zamar”. In February 2018 the album was certified gold and in June 2019 it was certified double platinum.

In June 2019, she released her second solo album she titled “Monarch” a 20 tracklist which is a fusion of kwaito, rap, pop, and house music. The track “Sharpshooter” is her favorite in the album. She revealed that the success of her first album she doubted if she could produce any project that would success what she called a beginners luck in the first album. However, it appears she had already given herself rave reviews as she said her second album supersedes her first.

Most of her popular songs are “This Is Love”, “My baby”, “Sunshine”, “Adore” and “Charlotte”.

4. She accused ex-boyfriend musician Sjava of rape

Lady Zamar used to be in a secret relationship with musician Sjava. The relationship was supposed to be a secret but people talk and when it ended, there were bottled up aggressions or so it seems. Sjava on his end denied that he never dated Lady Zamar, perhaps he told this to the media in order not to hurt his wife who was already hurt. Lady Zamar after hearing that Sjava denied their relationship publicly said, “Yeah we dated from June 2017 and ended things March 2019… That’s all so y’all can stop with the questions…Yes, he denied it to the media but that’s coz we wanted it to be a private thing… Cats out the bag I guess.. such a pity it had to come out this way,” she tweeted.

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In March 2020, she accused Sjava of raping her when they were dating in 2017 in an interview. Many did not believe her while many believed her. Some people believed she made up the story because of her bitter breakup with Sjava. Sjava released a statement denying the rape accusation.

Lady Zamar appears to be single at the moment.

5. Lady Zamar was a guest judge on Idols South Africa 2019

Lady Zamar was a guest judge on Idols South Africa in 2019. It was during this period that  Babes Wodumo made fun of her Acne which was embarrassing to say this least when the video trended online. However, Wodumo denied that she never made fun of Lady Zamar and claimed a hacker pulled a prank. Lady Zamar said she was horrified seeing her fellow musician make fun of her.

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