Kristine DeBell – Three Major Facts Unearthed

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Kristine DeBell

Kristen DeBell is one of those actresses who started as a child actor, after four and a half decades, is still well sought out for today. Her most recent works include “The Wrong Friend” as Mrs. Demarco (2018), “Jacpott” as Karla (2019), “Love & Debt” as Executive (2019), and “The Wrong Mr. Right” as Janet (2021).

Here is what we know about her in three major facts.

Kristen DeBell started her career at age 14

Kristine was born and raised on a small self-sufficient farm in upstate New York with her loving parents. As a little girl, she took ballet and trained her voice regularly.

At age 14, she began modeling for Macy’s, and in her freshman year in high school, Kristine won the part of Marta in the musical “The Sound Of Music”. Kristine loved her role and later auditioned for the part of Marta the following summer but was cast as the naughty postulant as the producers thought her voice was too mature. She had a fruitful four performance seasons with The Mac-Haydn Theatre.

Kristen DeBell was born on December 10, 1958. She is 63 years old.

Kristen featured on the cover of Playboy

Graduation from high school gave way to other opportunities as she studied Fashion merchandising at Berkeley College.

Kristine DeBell started modeling for Ford Models in NYC but this didn’t get her enough publicity until she moved to acting. She’s probably known for playing the role of Alice in the X-rated film version of “Alice in Wonderland”.

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In April 1976, she appeared on the cover of Playboy, and in the Helmut Newton pictorial, “200 Motels, or How I Spent My Summer Vacation” in August 1976. 11 original prints were sold at auctions of Playboy archives by Butterfields in 2002 for $21,075 and three by Christie’s in December 2003 for $26,290.

Kristine DeBell retired to take care of her Children

Kristine DeBell appeared in several motion pictures including “Meatballs” as A.L, Cheri in “Blood Brothers” 1978, and “The Big Brawl” Jackie Chan’s first American film.

In the early 1980s, Kristine DeBell also starred in several television pilots, and guest-star appearances in episodic television and movies of the week such as “Night Court”, and the award-winning soap opera “The  Young & The Restless”.

As we all know, everything with a beginning must have an end. In the mid-1980s, DeBell left the movie industry to raise her beloved children on a thoroughbred farm in upstate New York.

However, she didn’t stop acting. She found her way back on stage starring in many regional theater productions. One of her most memorable performances was as Blanche Dubois in Tennessee Williams’ “A Streetcar Named Desire”.  In 2008, after her children became of age, Kristen DeBell moved back to Los Angeles where she rekindled her love for motion pictures.

Image source: Cult Film Freaks