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It is a fact universally known but not so acknowledged that many people don’t read blog introductions. They come into a post and they scroll down for the juice. Forty-five seconds later, they are out of your site and unto the next site. People don’t read. Those who do hardly read the introduction. The introductory part of blog posts is the best place to insult your father-in-law and your partner will never find out. In fact, the temptation here is to ramble on and on here as we are almost totally certain no one will see this. Bring out a list of all the enemies and cuss them one by one. Too long a list, too short the time. Here are all the facts you need to know about Kesley Chow.

Kesley Chow – age

Kesley Chow was born in September 1991. She is twenty-eight years old. Chow has two siblings. Her father is Chinese while her mother is American. And from her mother’s side, she claimed to have Native American blood, laying claims to the Cherokee Indians. There is no record of her line of descent among the Cherokees. But if she says this is who she is, this is who she is. Although if I say I am a millionaire that doesn’t make me one.

Kesley Chow was born in Columbia, South Carolina where she grew up and had her high school education. It was while growing up that she studied dance and became interested in performative art.

Kesley Chow – career

Kesley Chow began acting in 2005. She was part of the “One Hill Tree” when it moved to CBS. She had recurring roles for 18 episodes up until 2009. The next year, she became a part of the main cast of “Pair of Kings” the sitcom on Disney XD. The then starlet played the role of Mikayla Makoola a fighter who uses the machete with the ease with which you handle the fork. The series ran for three seasons of 67 episodes. Ms. Chow appeared in 63 of them.

Kesley Chow other TV shows include a recurring appearance in “Teen Wolf” on MTV (thirteen episodes) and Paramount Network’s “Yellowstone” (main role, 19 episodes).  Her films haven’t as successful as her TV credits. In 2017, she was part of “Wind River” the murder mystery movie, complementing “Run” from 2013.


Kesley Chow is one of those kinds of people who will never say a word about her relationship status. You will see them with a handsome man in this event, you will see them in another event all smiles and happy, again and again. But she won’t confirm or deny. The strongest speculations point towards William Moseley as her boyfriend.

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Molesey is a British actor from Sheepscomb, someplace in England. You should know him, he played the role of Peter Pevensie in the film series The Chronicles of Narnia and Prince Liam in the E! The two reportedly became friendly on the set of “Run” and began dating afterward. The duo has not confirmed their relationship.

What is Kesley Chow’s net worth?

Kesley Chow is estimated as owning a net worth of three million dollars.

Kesley wears the 32A bra size. Her body measurement is 33-23-35 inches (84-58-89 cm). She is 5 feet seven inches (or 1.7 meters) tall. Her shoe size is 8. There is no explanation as to why we keep sharing body stats information in the same space as we talk about net worth. Perhaps, both of them are the sum net of a person.

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