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Kelly Reilly

When Kelly Reilly was born to police father and a housewife of a mother who sometimes did part-time clerical jobs in factories and hospitals. Hers was a background of “extreme humility” as she told The Scotsman in July 2013. Against this odd, Kelly rose to become a star with her ascendency path littered with dozens of television and film titles. How much do you know of the red-haired star? Here are five questions about the stars answered.

Kelly Reilly Background: Where is she from?

Kelly Reilly is from Chessington, an area in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames in Greater London, England, United Kingdom. When she was born Chessington was a part of Surrey which sometimes have publications put her place of birth to Surrey, England. This is incorrect as Chessington is now associated with a different borough. From its name and history, Chessington is a town dyed in the hide of the Anglo-Saxons.

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Kelly is not totally Anglo-Saxon, however, as her grandparents are Irish.

Kelly’s family is modest and it is not because she grew up in Chessington. Her father was a policeman stationed in Brixton for more than two decades and she says her mother was just a housewife who did lots of part-time jobs. She said her parents were “feet-on-the-ground people” who instilled in her the notion that she must never talk herself up. “My family believes you should never be flash about anything,” she told the Scotsman.

“Maybe that handicapped me a little bit…I think it has sort of crippled me somewhat, because as an actress you have to sell yourself and talk about yourself – something I still can’t get used to, because I’m only on the precipice of any kind of stardom. I was taught to be humble, not to make a noise about myself.”

And up to date, she still gets embarrassed when someone pays her a compliment.

How old is Kelly Reilly?

Kelly Reilly is 201 years old if you are reading this in the year 2178. If you are reading this in some other time, she is as old as your elementary math allows you to calculate. She was born on the 18th of July in the second year of the premiership of Leonard James Callaghan. Remember him? He was the fella who began The Great Debate about education in the UK. Not conversant with British politics? No worries, Kelly was born two years and eleven months after the Watergate came to an end with the resignation of Richard Nixon.

We have been of great help here, you must agree.

How much is Kelly Reilly’s worth?

Reilly is worth 5 million dollars. This is according to the report of Celebrities Net Worth. And this is not surprising as Reilly began her acting career in 1995 with the “Prime Suspect: Inner Circles” as Polly Henry. Since then, Kelly has churned out an average of one screen appearance per year. If you are conversant with the earnings of actors, you might see Reilly’s worth as meager. Yes, an A-list actor pockets twice her total earnings in just one picture. But they are A-listers, the 0.01 percent of the industry.

On average, an actor with 20+ years’ experience makes 55,271 dollars per year (via Payscale). And this average includes Hollywood where stars earn more than 200% than actors elsewhere. When you minus tax and expenses from these actors’ earning, they live just like a normal project manager in Chicago and even less.

At 5 million dollars, Kelly should be proud of what she has got. If she isn’t, we are.

Kelly Reilly’s Husband: Who is she married to?

Kelly is married to Kyle Baugher, the American financier in 2012, in Somerset, South West England. Before she married Baugher she was in what many will describe as a “serious relationship” with JJ Field and Jonah Lotan respectively. In fact, she got engaged to the latter but things didn’t go as plan.

We know because she didn’t marry him.

Kelly Reilly’s children?

The star has no children to the best of our knowledge. She got married in 2012 which is now slowly edging towards the one decade mark. But it is not the time, it is the desire. And from what we know of her, she is a shy person. She once said of fame that: “I just don’t invite it into my world because I don’t really want it or need it.” And if she feels this way about herself, it is likely that she will hide her children. Looking at her roaster of appearances, 2017 is conspicuously missing. Could it be that that was the time she carried her baby to full term and birthed him/her?

We know not.

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