Katherine Cunningham – Three Questions About The Star Answered

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Katherine Cunningham is better known as an actress and movie producer. Her face is one we’ve seen a lot but not quite enough. Her fan base grew when Yellowstone called and asked if she and her family wanted to come to Montana for a month for the Season 4 of the series. Katherine Cunningham partnered with baby May, and the fans loved it. This raised questions about the beautiful actress.

This post will provide answers to the top three questions about Katherine Cunningham.

How old is Katherine Cunningham?

Katherine Cunningham was born and bred in the Midwest of Illinois, a small village called Elk Grove. She was raised alongside her siblings Jon Cunningham and Jillane Baumert.

Katherine spent her entire childhood in Elk Grove, and when it was time for the bird to leave her nest, she did not fly too far away from home. She drove to Illinois State University to get her first degree.

Katherine Cunningham was born in 1986. She is 35 years old.

When did Katherine make her debut in Hollywood?

Katherine Cunningham was born into a family of actors. She has been nurturing the passion for performing since her childhood.

Her family was elbow-deep in theater performance; she often joined them in several local stage performances and productions.

After Katherine concluded her high school education at James B. Conant, she headed for Illinois State University to study acting and biology. It is not surprising she picked interest in theater as a career.

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Catherine Cunningham made her Hollywood debut in 2010 as Sheri, a womanizing police officer, in ABC’s “Detroit 1-8-7”.

Her most recent work includes Ashley in 2020’s “Grey’s Anatomy”, Christina in 10 episodes of “Yellowstone” (2018 – 2021), 10 episodes in “Condor” as Kathy Hale (2018 – 2020), Heather in “Slice” (2018), and guest spots in popular series such as the NBC’s “The Mob Doctor” and “Chicago Fire”.

Is Katherine Cunningham Married?

Katherine is not one to flaunt anything but she gives her fans just enough to get by. But not enough to know that she has a family.

Katie, as she is popularly called by her friends and family, met her husband at the ISU Airport lounge. They started dating not long after, she was 20 years old then.

Katherine Cunningham dated his anonymous boyfriend for years until they finally tied the knot in 2017. They welcomed their first daughter that same year. In 2021, the couples welcomed their second daughter, May.

Her husband’s name is not the only thing Katherine Cunningham has kept under the covers. On her Instagram, she often covers her daughters’ faces with emojis, nose masks, or domino masks. The only thing she makes public is her career and nothing more.

Image source: Daily Advent