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Katharine Isabelle has blonde hair, green eye, and a dashing smile. And a list of massive acting credits. What else does one need from a movie star? What else does one need to know about Katharine? Here are six facts.

Katharine Isabelle was born in Vancouver

Katharine Isabelle was born on November 2, 1981. She was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is not possible to talk about Katharine’s early life without talking about her career as well as she began acting at the age of eight. And it wasn’t even a Canadian production, her first. She appeared in the American adventure series “MacGyver” on ABC. It is not an unusual feat for the little girl has her parents were already been rooted in Hollywood.

Before her tenth birthday, Katherine has already featured in about half a dozen acting credits.

As of 2019, Katharine Isabelle has featured in more than one hundred moving pictures.

She is from a family of thespians

Katharine Isabelle’s father, Graeme Murray, her mother Gail Johnson Murray, and her half-brother, Joshua Murray have handled important acting and crew positions in the movie industry.

Her father, Graeme Murray is a production designer and not just an ordinary one, he is an Emmy Award winner and not just once; Murray has two Emmy Awards. And it is not just any drama, it is “The X-Files”, the science fiction series on Fox. Her mother has writing and production credits.

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Her paternal half-brother Joshua is a retired actor and a director. And she did work with him in a couple of projects in her early days.

Katharine Isabelle has acted with a handful of stage names.

Isabelle was born Katharine Isobel Murray and she has appeared in films with the name Katharine Isobel. She has also starred with the name Katie Murray before settling with the now-iconic duo – Katharine Isabelle.

Katharine is a legend of horror

Katharine Isabelle has said she cannot stand real blood and saying that “Horror movies scare me. I don’t really watch them. I’m not a big horror genre fan.” But she made her name off the back of horrors. The Canadian horror movie “American Mary” is her finest hour on set as she earned dozens of positive reviews, mentions, and accolades.

But perhaps her fame is owned to her appearance in “Ginger Snaps” the horror film that was acted in 2000 between the United States and her home country Canada. The film made less than a million dollars in the box office but this bomb didn’t stop it from sprouting sequels “Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed” and “Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning”, and from earning then 19-year-old Ms. Murray a special place in the hearts of millions.

Her other horror films include “Bones” (2001), “13 Erie” (2013), “30 Days of Night: Dark Days” (2010), “See No Evil 2”. Among handfuls of others. It wasn’t all horror for the star as she appeared in the 2015 sex comic film “How To Plan an Orgy in a Small Town”. Did we say sex comedy? – that’s a horror to many Deep South Republicans.

Isabelle is too busy to date

We didn’t say that; we didn’t imply that. See this, they did. They said that Isabelle, aged 37 is too busy to be in any relationship. This might be so. Katharine Isabelle has appeared in more than 100 acting credits. If she began acting on the first day of her life, this is nearly an average of four films or TV drama shows per year. But she started acting at the age of eight and has had hiatuses during her high school days. Meaning her acting average is even crazier.

But we are not entirely convinced this is the cause of her coyness with the opposite gender. We have seen busier actresses, we have seen bigger actresses, we have seen more famous actresses, we have seen older and younger actresses, and all of them have had relationships. It is not about being busy – it is her orientation, her decision. And for all our cheap analysis, Isabelle might be in the arms of her charming boyfriend or even husband and just doesn’t want anyone to know.

Katharine Isabelle is a multiple award winner

Like father like daughter. But unlike her father, Isabelle didn’t just win two awards, she won a handful of awards. But we must mention that these were not Emmys. She won Special Mention in Horror Features in the Fantastic Fest Award in 2012. She also won Fright Meter Awards, Toronto After Dark Film Festival, Leo Awards, and Fangoria Chainsaw Awards. And nominations.

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Majority of these recognitions came via her efforts in “American Mary”. This is a horror film in which Katharine played the role of a medical student who lowered her ethical and moral standards and began a dangerous career in extreme body modification.

She is worth two million dollars

Two million dollars. That is what the online sources say and we can’t argue. And there are reasons to want to argue. Actors who are in the 100 Club usually have more than just one or two million to show for it. While we admit, it’s all about quality, over 100 acting credit is large enough to accommodate enough financial rewarding qualities.

Or maybe, just maybe, Isabelle hasn’t been able to manage her earnings the right way. Ever seen her in Las Vegas?

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