Kate Henshaw: Five Lesser Known Facts

Kate Henshaw

Before she started sparking controversies with her tweet, Kate Henshaw used to be everyone’s sweetheart, she is still the sweetheart of many or so it seems. The actress and brand ambassador is always a delight on the screen. She has appeared in many Nollywood films and has clinched industry awards as well. Here is everything you need to know about the actress who was once married to a British business mogul.

1. Kate Henshaw was raised partly in Lagos and Calabar

Kate Henshaw was born in Cross River State on July 19, 1971. She is the eldest child in a family of four. Her parents were middle-class earners and Kate was raised in Lagos and Calabar as she did her secondary education in both cities. After she graduated from secondary school, she settled in Calabar for a while, enrolling at the States’ University.

Kate Henshaw spent one year at the University of Calabar studying remedial studies while majoring in Medical Microbiology at the School of Medical Lab Science, LUTH (Lagos University Teaching Hospital) in Lagos. She later got a job at the Bauchi State General hospital where she worked for a while before starting her movie career.

Kate Henshaw is 48 years old.

2. She made her debut in “When the Sun Sets”

Some movie titles are quite prophetic and so was Kate’s film debut. Despite entering the industry without attending any drama school or anything close to an acting class, Kate impressed in her first film and she needed no one to convince her to drop her lab coats in exchange for an acting career. With her beautiful looks, Kate started playing the role of love interests, either a posh city girl or a princess who is surrounded by maidens in the palace.

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Kate has appeared in over 100 films and she has not taken a break; it is how much acting means to her. In 2008 she won the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in “Stronger than Pain”. Although due to many changes in Nollywood which are characterized by the introduction of new actors, most Nigerian veteran actors are now shifting their focus to box office films and Kate is among those actors.

In 2018, she appeared in the family drama film “Chief Daddy” which has Falz, Shaffy Bello, Ini Edo, Linda Ejiofor, Nkem Owoh in the cast. The film is now on Netflix. Kate also joined the cast of “The Ghost and the House of Truth” in 2019. She has appeared in Falz’s video “Hypocrite” and she was one of the judges on “Nigeria’s got talent show”.

3. Kate Henshaw has a daughter

Kate Henshaw has a daughter whom she wants to hide from the media. She has often disclosed that she wants her daughter Gabrielle Nuttal to live a quiet life, however, when you’re the daughter of a famous actress you cannot be hidden from the kind and unkind eyes of the media.

Kate’s daughter was a product of her union with a British business tycoon Roderick James Nuttal. The two were married for twelve years before the marriage crashed in 2011. Roderick Nuttal is the Managing Director of Ledrop Nigeria Ltd, an agent company for Jack Daniels and Piper. No one is aware of why the marriage ended and Kate in her many interviews has not disclosed why.

4. She made a tweet that almost caused her head

In the wake of Xenophobic attacks in South Africa where it was reported that a lot of Nigerians were been killed with graphic images flying around the internet, Kate Henshaw tweeted “We are responsible for how people treat us”. Nigerians flooded her timeline and demanded her head (pun unintended and unapologized for) because even though her tweets explained that a country that treats her citizens as trash would always be humiliated by others, it came at the time when Nigerians needed celebrities to speak up and condemn the unjust killings in South Africa.

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With many Nigerians properties destroyed and lives lost, Kate did not deem it necessary to apologize instead, she added that anyone who doesn’t have up to 50,000 followers on Twitter doesn’t deserve a response from her”. By stating the later, Kate Henshaw did not mask the obvious but unspoken belief that people who have a large followership base on social media channels run the internet. She also justified the speculation that celebrities only reply tweets to people with thousands of followers-nay blue ticks.

The pejorative overtones of the tweet which mocks common sense made many people unfollow her on Twitter, it also made her block some people she couldn’t stand.

5. Kate Henshaw has a growing net worth

Kate Henshaw has achieved success as an entertainer more than she would have done wearing a lab coat and in some hospitals. Some internet sources put her net worth to be around 1 million dollars, but the actress might worth more although she has never disclosed her salary before.

She has not disclosed when she will drop her acting gloves so there is time for her to make more money and of course draw more controversies.

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