Karla Souza: All The Facts You Need To Know

Karla Souza

Do you know any Mexican proverbs? And apart from Mexico City, what other cities do you know in your (probably) southern neighbor? In compensation to your poor knowledge of Mexico, Karla Souza might help. We know, you can start by learning about the country through one of their best entertainers. Not a great introduction but at least I have beat the 60-word threshold. I am so underrated in this organization. Here are all the facts you need to know about the star in How to Get Away With Murder.


Karla Souza is thirty-three years old. She was born in December 1985 in the only city in you know in Mexico. (Meanwhile, apart from Mexico here are other cities in Mexico you should know about – there is Tajuana, Puebla, and Merida. We left out Santiago De Queretaro, Guadalajara, and Ciudad Juarez that might be too hard to pronounce).

Due to having a grandmother who was in the employ of one of America’s famous families, Souza’s childhood included growing up in the United States, in Mexico, France, and the United Kingdom.  Of her many academic endeavors, London’s Central School of Speech and Drama was her most prominent.

Her father was Chilean and her mother Mexican. She is an American citizen by residence and marriage.

Karla Souza’s career

Karla Souza began a career in the Cinema of Mexico or Hollywood South as you might have wished it be called in 2009. Her first movie is “Verano of Amor” or Summer of Love when translated. This film is the remaking of a famous Argentine movie. She is involved in some of the biggest box office hits in Mexico, including “Nosotros Los Nobles” (translated The Noble Family) which made 26 million dollars and “No se aceptan devoluciones” (loosely translated as “Instructions Not Included) which made 100 million dollars of a budget of just five million dollars.

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Souza is multi-lingual with the ability to speak English, French and her natives Spanish. In 2014, she moved to Los Angeles to begin a career in Hollywood. She has had a couple of appearances in Hollywood but her biggest character is that of Laurel Castillo, a law student in the legal thriller “How to Get Away With Murder” on ABC.

Sexual assault

Karla Souza is a victim of sexual assault. In 2018, she spoke to Carmen Aristegui one of the leading Mexican journalists and opinion leaders about her past experience with sexual assault on set. According to the thespian, she was raped on the set of a TV show she was involved with. She said this happened when she was 22 years old. Ms. Souza did not name who her attacker was.

A look at her filmography shows that when she was 22, she played a one-episodic role in the TV series “Terminales”. We are not suggesting that this was where she was defiled, but that was the only show we know about at that time and there is no reason not to mention it.

Karla Souza – marriage and family

Karla Souza is a married woman. In December 2014, she got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Marshall Trenkmann. Trenkmann who was born in Texas is into banking. The two got married in May 2014 and are blessed with a kid named Gianna Trenkmann, born in April 2018.

It must be a happy family, as Souza once said of her man. “I knew that I wanted a man of faith, integrity, values, sports, among other qualities, and I did not look for it, it came to me. From the moment I met Marshall, I knew for a fact that he was the man I was going to marry.

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She rounded up by saying she hoped “it is a lifelong relationship.” We too.

Karla Souza – body stats and net worth

Karla Souza is not a very tall woman. She stands at just below the average female Hollywood height of 5 feet four inches (or 1.63 meters). She weighs 53 kg or 117 pounds. She is said to wear the 33B bra size and her body measurement is put at 33-26-36 inches or 83-66-91 cm.

Learning the trade in Europe and acting in two countries and with two languages has paid off in dollars. Perhaps not as much as it should be but 1.2 million dollars is not a bad return for a star with only one major credit.

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