Juliette Danielle: Three Most Important Facts

Juliette Danielle

Juliette Danielle or Lisa from “The Room” is not what you can call a consistent actress and this is not because her film appearances can be counted with the fingers of one hand, it’s about the gash of space between her screen times. Here are the three most important facts you need to know.

Juliette Danielle hid after appearing in “The Room”

In 2003, Juliette Danielle starred in the movie “The Room” and the movie was a disaster. And disaster is underlined. Released in July 2013, the film bombed with film critics and reviewers. On IMDb, the film got 3.7 out of ten and this is the most generous rating. Rotten Tomatoes gave it 26% and this is not the worst. Metacritic gave the film 9 over 100.

Of course, the film bombed in the box office. Off the budget of six million dollars, it made so little that we are not sure the amount will cover for the bank charges of remitting the money to the moviemakers. What the hell is 1,800 dollars?

Not to take these reviews as outright mean and the bomb at the box office as sheer disastrous luck, here is the list of the flaws of the movie: Personality shifts in the characters, inconsistent plot, continuity errors, poor dialogue, duplicate dialogues, outrageous scenes, shifty directing. One theater described the film “like being stabbed in the head.” There is no aspect of the movie that escaped negative hammer including acting and the actors were hammered.

So Juliette Danielle went into hiding.

Who wouldn’t? “I hid for a long time,” she said, “hoping the unwelcome attention will subside.”

More on “The Room”

But the movie rose from the dead. Just after the movie was pulled from cinemas, the producer and director Tommy Wiseau began to get emails from fans who told him that they actually enjoyed the movie. They might be bantering or maybe they were paid by his grandmum to say this. Wiseau took them seriously and began to show the movie at theatres once a month. Its fans grew until it became an international favorite.

In 2005, its DVD version was released featuring an interview with Wiseau. Now, how did a dead log of wood become green again?

Explaining this, Greg Sestoro who co-wrote a book “The Disaster Artist” which detailed the experience of making “The Room” seemingly summed up the reason for the resurrection in this way: “It is like a movie made by an alien who has never seen a movie, but who has had movies thoroughly explained to him… But I can’t say it’s so watchable. It’s so fun. It’s brought me so much fun. It has brought me so much joy. How can something that’s so bad do those things for me?”

The book “The Disaster Artist” was so well received that it was turned into a movie by the same title. In that movie, Ari Graynor played the role of Danielle. I believe we have something about Ari Graynor.

Juliette Danielle came out of hiding after the film became a cult classic. She went on to appear in “Dead Kansas” (2013) and Ghost Shark 2: Urban Jaws (2015).

The actress is married and happy

She truly is and there is nothing anyone can do about this. She lives with her husband in Texas. No, we ain’t disclosing his name. We are not having anyone jinx their marriage – not even you.

Even though she returned after “The Room” began to get positive rewatching and her acting forgiving, Juliette Danielle has announced after two or three movies that she is partially retired from acting. What does that even mean? It means that Juliette Danielle will only appear on the screen when she deems it fit and not because she has to put food on her table and roof over her head. No, acting is no longer her source of living.

She works with her husband in their San Antonio home in Texas, doing graphic designing, marketing, and digital marketing. She says, “I swing from wanting to do all-the-things to wanting to do none. Sometimes, I love to keep really busy and other times I retreat into my naturally introverted self.”

What does this statement mean? It means she is having fun and there is nothing you or anyone else can do about it.

List of Juliette Danielle Movies

Danielle has not acted in so many movies, so much (or so few) that we can even collate them here.

Tempus Fugit (Short Film) = 2002

The Room = 2003

Dead Kansas = 2013

Till Morning (Short Film) = 2013

The Trouble With Barry = 2013

Ghost Shark 2: Urban Jaws = 2015

Texas Cotton = 2018

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