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Julie Gayet is a singer, actor, director, and producer. Many people do not know her as any of these or have just the vahuest awareness of these; their knowledge of her is mostly, we suspect, connected with one thing – Former French President  François Hollande. Here is everything you need to know about the blonde actress and filmmaker.

Julie Gayet – age

Julie Gayet was born on June 3rd, 1972 in a place called Suresnes, Hauts-de-Seine, just over 9 kilometers from the center of Paris. She was born to a gastric surgeon father and an antique dealing mother. Her father’s father was a surgeon and some hero of the liberation of France or a “Compagnon de la Libération” as they titled it in French during World War II.

Julie Gayet is 47 years old.

Julie Gayet – career

Julie Gayet studied at the Actors Studio in London with the acting coach Jack Waltzer, after which she proceeded to the Tania Balachova School in Paris to continue the enhancement of her acting skills. Then she made her debut in 1992 in an episode of the TV show “Premiers Baisers”. In All, Gayet has 110 acting credits to her name. These credits are spread across short films, films, TV films, TV series, and video clips. Gayet’s last screen credit is “We Are Family” a comedy film in which she played the lead role.

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And Ms. Gayet is not just an actress. She is also a filmmaker. Between 2013 and 2015, she directed “Cinéast(e)s”, a documentary film about women filmmakers in which she interviewed them about the roles and relevance of the female filmmakers. All the interviews began with the question “is cinema gendered?”

It was as a producer that she made most of her filmmaking credits, over two dozens of them, including “The Boss’s Daughter”, a French romantic film from 2015.


Julie Gayet is a beautiful woman. Very beautiful woman, even so there is no scarcity of male attention with her. But we do not have all the details, not that it is possible to keep count. What we know are the ones that are official. She was married to the author, screenwriter, film producer, film director, and actor Santiago Amigorena from Argentina. He married Julie Gayet in 2003 and they divorced after three years.

The union produced two children.

Julie Gayet’s relationship with François Hollande

In 2012, the former mayor of Tulie, a city in central France, named François Hollande was elected president of France. under the joint parties of Socialist and Radical Left Party. He was to become president for the next five years in France. He did not seek reelection. If he did, many believe, he would have lost woefully.

In the second year of his presidency, in 2013, a rumor emerged that the French head of government who was never married and preferred to have domestic partners was having an affair with the actress and producer Julie Gayet. As of that time, the president was in a partnership with Valérie Trierweiler, the journalist and author.

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In January 2014, a British-owned French magazine Closer published a seven-page revelation of the affair between the president and the actress with accompanying steamy photos about the two. The president sued the paper for privacy infringement and got a settlement fee of 15 thousand euros. By November 2014, this relationship was practically official and Ms. Gayet became a permanent resident of the Élysée Palace.

Net worth and body stats

Juliet Gayet has been part of more than 100 movies and drama in her career. And as the partner of a president, this should count for something (if she writes a book). But it seems like the French version of Hollywood is not so high-priced. If it were, Julie has been on the receiving end of some poor fees. Her net worth is speculated to be just one million dollars.

Juliet Gayet stands at  5 feet 5 inches or 1.63 meters tall which is a good height, at least for the ego of Mr. Hollande who is a short man where Western politicians are gathered, standing at just under 5 feet 6 inches or 1.7 meters tall (when he stood side by side Barack Obama, they made him stand on a higher podium in order to stand neck in neck with the six feet 1 inch American president.

Some publications put Gayet’s height at 5 feet 7 which is taller than Hollande’s. We think not. We have seen some pics with the blonde partner slightly taller but we suspect she was wearing heels in these times. Don’t push the argument, a man-president is entitled to his ego. Juliet wears the 34C bra size for a near body measurement of 34-24-35 inches or 87-61-89 cm. She weighs 56 kg or 123 pounds.

Image source: The Independent



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