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Judy Reyes, an ALMA award winner is known for her strong presence in TV series. She has won so many hearts with her acting talent. However, life has also tossed her about as she has had to deal with some issues regarding her marriage. Here are all the facts you need to know about her.

Birth and early life

Judy Reyes was born in the Bronx, New York (the city that never sleeps) to Dominican immigrants on November 5, 1967. She has a twin sister Joselin who showed her talent in acting before finally handing the baton over to her. She was raised in Bainbridge Avenue, a working-class residential neighborhood in Bronx.

As a child, Judy always wanted to be an actress but her mother tried to discourage her that acting is for “white people” but she never listened and vowed to pursue her acting dreams. She appeared in some church plays where she says she had an epiphany and this further propelled her to decide that it was acting or nothing else.

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Judy completed her high school studies and moved to Hunter College in Manhattan. Although her course of study is not made public, you could speculate that she majored in theater arts having founded the LABryinth Theater Company, which provided the ideal platform for people from diverse backgrounds to express themselves through the discipline of acting.

Judy Reyes: Career

Judy kick-started her acting since 1992 when she took the role of Maria Barragan in the television series, “Law & Order”. Her sister Joselin also starred in the same movie.

In 1993, she starred in the series on the series, “Street Justice”. Her breakout role came after she portrayed the role of Nurse Carla Espinosa in the television series, “Scrubs”.

Interestingly, portraying the character of Nurse Carla Espinosa in “Scrubs” wasn’t the first time she landed a screen role as a nurse. The actress was also an ICU nurse in the 1999 film “Bringing Out the Dead”. In both movies, she played her nursing role so well that if it wasn’t her alter ego, men wouldn’t mind visiting the hospital more often to receive her Midas touch.

She made an appearance in a 2000 episode of the HBO series “The Sopranos”. She also played Zoila Diaz in the comedy “Devious Maids”. In 2005, she judged the second annual National HIV/AIDS Story Writing Competition for Youth. (One moment she answered Judge Judy)

Judy has appeared in numerous movies and television series like “The Circle”, “Fresh Off the Boat”, “Blue Bloods”, and many others.  Currently, she is starring as Lala in the TV series “Better Things”.

Is Judy Reyes Spanish?

Her last name Reyes is a name commonly associated with Spanish Nationals. Judy Reyes is an American citizen, however, her father moved to the United States of America from the Dominican Republic in the year 1961.

Judy can is commonly referred to as a Hispanic/Latino American. This group of Americans speak the Spanish language as a native tongue.

Does Judy Reyes speak Spanish fluently? She is a magpie with the language.

Is Judy Reyes married?

Judy was previously married to Edwin M. Figueroa. They exchanged nuptial vows in 1997 in a private ceremony with only a few friends and family members in attendance. They lived as husband and wife for 11 years before one of them became tired or both of them became tired and the marriage ended in divorce.

In 2008, Judy Reyes started dating George Valencia. George is a director and writer known for his work in “Moment to Moment” and “Brandi Chastain: A Tribute to a Champion”. After one year of their dating, Judy announced that she was pregnant with George’s baby and in November 2009, the couple welcomed their first baby girl Lella Rey Valencia.

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10 years after they welcomed their daughter, the couple is yet to be married. Maybe they are waiting for the right time. Is Judy bothered that she has not moved to the next level with George? We don’t think so. But judging from Judy’s post on social media, she is happy being George Valencia’s baby mama. As if social media really tells the whole story.

Net worth

Judy Reye’s has made some money in this acting business she pursued with zeal and zest. Her net worth is an indication that she did not make the wrong career choice. Judy Reye’s net worth is estimated to be around $6 million dollars.

Judy has been nominated in ALMA Awards four times and out of these four nominations, she has won the award twice. She won this award for the first time in 2006 for Outstanding Actress in a Television Series. Also in 2013, she was nominated in LA Femme International Film Festival and she won this award for Lupe Ontiveros Image Award.

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