Joyce Meadows – How Old, Movies, Still Alive?

Joyce Meadows

How much do you know about “Miss Hollywood?” Have you ever heard of that great actress who bagged that title? Here’s your chance to read about her. We will be giving you some information that you need to know about her. Enjoy this ride to the olden days as we explore the life and impact of your favorite uncle’s favorite actress.

Joyce Meadows is one of the most celebrated movie stars and actresses born in the 20th century. Her works and her ability to perform given movie tasks and roles excellently will remain fresh in the records of the movie industry and movie lovers who witnessed her works. To date, Joyce Meadows will be a reference when it comes to dedication fueled by her passion birthed in childhood.

Birth and upbringing

Joyce Meadows who grew up to be a household name in the movie industry was born as Joyce Burger on the 13th day of April, 1933 in the village of Arrowroot of the Alberta province in Western Canada. Her parents, Mr and Mrs J.H Burger raised her in their family farmhouse near where she was born and it was at the family’s farm house back porch that she made her stage at the age of four years. She was already acting even before she saw her first movie and this was not until her family moved to Montana where she saw her first movie.

Meadows studied with legendary tutor Jeff Corey and at the course of her studies gained a scholarship to Pasadena Playhouse due to her outstanding displays. How she didn’t stop there as she also studied with Mira Rostova and Stella Adler in New York City.
Note: This was all done when she moved from Montana to Los Angeles, California at a teenage age.

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While in High school, she was actively involved in theatre arts to which she performed the role of Juliet in Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” at the Little Eaglet Theatre in Sacramento, California.

Joyce Meadows due to her outstanding performances was awarded the title of “Miss Sacramento” and was the second runner up for “Miss California”.
In the year 1954, her hard work, dedication and passion was finally rewarded as she was named “Miss Hollywood”. (It was at this stage that she changed her name from Joyce Burger to Joyce Meadows for reasons best know to her.)
What a woman! What an actress!! What a star!!!

Being named Miss Hollywood will always go a long way to show how she was in her prime.

Joyce Meadows career

Joyce Meadows’ professional acting career started in her teenage age and in her 20’s (Approximately the 1950’s.).
She featured in Television series such as; Wanted: Dead or Alive, Whirlybirds, The Millionaire, Private Detective, Harbor Command, Richard Diamond and General Electric Theater.

From the year 1960 to 1961, she Co featured as ‘Stacy’ in the Western Series “Two Faces West”. Within that period, she featured in many other Television shows and series such as: Sea Hunt, Slater ray’s People and The Aquanauts.

However, after featuring in The Christen story in the year 1970, Joyce finally decided to have a break from entertainment and acting movies.

After a long period of 17 years, Joyce reappeared in the movie scenes in 1987 with a role on Punky Brewster’s program.

In the early stages of 1990, she starred in “The New Adventures of Super man”.

Her next appearance in a major movie was in 2009’s “A Golightly Gathering”.

It is safe to say that the stage has always been the best and most comfortable home for Joyce Meadows as she spent most of her life learning or practicing what she loves doing best – her acting.

Is Joyce Meadows still alive?


In as much as many blogs and websites make a living with peddling rumors about the death of celebrities – both young and old – just to gather traffic or be in the trend or whatever, we urge you to disregard, kindly or not so kindly, any information about the death of Joyce Meadows. She is very much alive and enjoying her retirement.

Joyce Meadows is 88 and seven good years younger than the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth (it is [not] what you think).

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