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Josh Segarra

Josh Segarra was born for many sides of the show business, whether he is on stage singing and rapping or in a movie set showcasing his talent, Josh brings so much to the entertainment world. What do you know about the actor? See the full details here.

Josh Segarra: Age and early life

Josh‘s parents moved from Puerto Rico to mainland United States of America to set up a pharmaceutical business. And while on this, Josh was born on 3 June 1986 to them. The actor has not revealed the names of his parents or whether he has siblings but he was raised in a conventionally home.

Very early in his life, Josh learned how to sing in his Spanish Pentecostal church, with Kirk Franklin amongst gospel singers he idolized, he focused on Doritos or spiritual songs and began telling stories through songs. In his high school, he was the lead singer of an Acapella group, Top Notch.

Josh bagged attended New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, New York, where he bagged a B.A in Theater. His ability to speak different languages right from his tender age was a bonus.

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Why didn’t he end up as the next Usher or Chris Brown you would ask? Just the way you didn’t end up being Amber Rose. The reality was that he discovered he has acting talents and decided to pursue it vigorously after learning he could sing in movies too.

Josh Segarra: Relationship

Josh doesn’t have a long dating history with women. Is he gay? No. He is happily married to Brace Rice and they have a son named Gus born in September 2016. How did he meet his wife? Josh met Brace on at the birthday of a friend and wanted her to sit and have a drink with him. Brace wasn’t ready until after a week when she decided to join him in his spin class.

And when love eventually happened they tied the knot in 2014 after dating for a while. Josh expresses his love for his wife now and then, during interviews, on social media but who wouldn’t do that especially when the love is so real with both having some kind of similarities as they enjoy watching sports and playing fantasy football league.

Josh Segarra: Career

Josh considered to pursue a career in the WWE as a professional wrestler while growing up but when he was handed his first role in the horror TV series “Vampire Bats” as Miles, he embraced acting fully. He moved to his first film “The Narrows” as white gangsta.

Josh was in the 2010 short film “Suicide” as Mort. As his fame began to expand, he started landing more prominent roles. From 2009-2011, he portrayed the character of Hector Ruiz in the TV series “The Electric Company”.

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Josh started flourishing more on TV series starring in “Sirens” as Billy Cepeda. He also portrayed the character of Justin Voight in 9 episodes of “Chicago P.D”. Josh was in the series “Orange Is The New Black” as D Stefanovic and in “AJ and the Queen” as Damian Sanchez.

Perhaps returning to theater plays was like a homecoming for Josh as he starred as Emilio Estefan in the hit Broadway musical “On Your Feet”. The show is based on the life and music of Emilio and Gloria Estefan. Josh killed the show with his amazing voice which reminded everyone that he can still float on hooks. The actor has other stage plays like to his name.

Net worth

There are people who would tell you that actors are not in the acting business for the money and if you chose to believe them, well, your choice, your belief.

With bills piling up daily and a family to shelter, Josh cannot reject pay checks. How rich is the actor? Josh is worth $1 million dollars. Can we say he is doing badly? Not at all, in fact, there are some ‘80s actors whose net worth are not even close. He is very much active in the acting business and if he continues to get more screen time, his net worth will rise in no distant time but how he manages his wealth will also tell how much he will worth 10 years from now.

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